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Tearjerker / Fairy Dance Of Death

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  • Kirito has to deny to himself any reason to partner up with Asuna and Yuuki because of the Fantastic Racism towards Spriggans.
  • Yuuki lost her sister during the Salamanders' Day 1 PK spree. She has a panic attack the moment she enters Everdark because of it.
    • Her quest for answer in Chapter 42 ended up making everything worse. Gitou, while not involved in the killing, turns out to be massive jerk. His bodyguards barges in resulting in both Gitou and Fianna who brought them there killed, all the while Yuuki watches in horror.
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  • Chapter 38 has Grimlock slapping Griselda in the face for not 'getting in line'. Worse, Griselda's own obligation forces her not to explain about her work with NCC, sending their relationship into an even deeper dive. If you have read the original work, you know it's all going to hell real quick...
  • As with canon; Lizbeth finding out that she and Asuna fell in love with same person.
  • Philia's reaction to her friend and Spriggan faction leader Yoshihara getting killed by Coper's party in chapter 40, all because the late leader refused to get involved with Arun Treaty, and knowing fully well that she can't do anything about it...
  • Chapter 41 sees a Cait Sith player's reaction to her pet getting killed.

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