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  • The introduction to Eugene and Mortimer in Chapter 1.
    Klein: "...And don't get me wrong, man. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks Kibaou's playing with fire-"
    Eugene: (smirking) "So to speak,"
  • Chapter 8, Alicia getting friendly with Klein.
    Heat rose to Klein's face, about a hundred possible responses racing through his head and colliding with each other, resulting in a multi-car pileup in his brain that caused his train of thought to come screeching to a halt. Bereft of reason or the benefit of intelligent thought, his mouth continued forward on autopilot to the best of his ability. Which is to say: Klein gibbered incoherently.
    • Apparently his team couldn't live it down either, according to Chapter 41.
    At least in here Kunimittz can't spam me with dank meme or weaponized GIFs, Klein thought.
  • The mental image of Grimlock building a Gundam Construct.
    "You won't be satisfied until you can build Gundam that facerolls gateway bosses.", Laze joked.
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  • In Ch. 20, Kirito trolls Argo, getting her to buy the story behind his Fishing skill:
    "I don't have Fishing."
    Argo stared at him, down at the fishing pole, and down to the slow-moving water and the line that trailed into it. "Then… why…?"
    Kirito stood up and looked at the rod in his hands as if seeing it for the first time, and shrugged, letting it drop into the water with a splash. "I picked that up at the item shop while I was waiting for you. I needed something to do, and I was curious what it was like."
    "Needed… something…"
    "Something to do," Kirito said, dusting his hands together and crouching down to gaze at the cloudy surface of the river a few meters below. "I put bait on the pole, but I couldn't seem to get a bite."
    "That," Argo said after a very long moment in which she was sorely tempted to push Kirito off the side of the bridge, "was probably because you didn't have the Fishing skill."
    "I figured," Kirito said. "But you should've seen the look on your—"
    It was a short drop to the water, and Kirito wasn't expecting to need to use his wings. Even under torture, Argo would have sworn up and down that bumping him was a complete accident.

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