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Awesome / Fairy Dance Of Death

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Fairy Dance Of Death

  • Argo:
    • Organized a plan to take out Kirabou.
    • Usurped her own faction's leader and instilled her friend in his place.
  • Klein:
    • Facing off against Kirabou
    • Saving a group of Cait Sith from a Valley Boss.
    • Taking on the Jotunn Boss in the Valley of the Giants with Kirito after their raid boss was killed.
  • Kirito:
    • Taking on the Jotunn Boss in the Valley of the Giants with Klein after their raid boss was killed.
    • Saving Yuuki and Asuna during their Valley Boss.
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    • Saving Silica when she was being attacked by bandits.
  • Lizabeth
    • Standing up for Kirito and kicking two Sylphs out of her store because of their Fantastic Racism.
  • Sasha
    • Deciphering the Language of Magic. That, by itself, makes her one of the most powerful players in the game.
    • Managing to get herself and Silica away from the bandits by using her custom spells to throw up an impenetrable earth shield, followed by a wind barrier, teaching Silica to do a water one, and then a teleportation spell... all while at arrow point.
    • Taking on the care of two dozen pre-teens trapped in the game, almost single-handed.
      Sasha: These children aren't truly mine, Kirito. I know that. Most of them have parents out there somewhere, probably in the real world. My hope is that when this game is cleared, I'll be able to meet those parents and look them in the eyes without shame, knowing that I did everything I could to keep their children safe and teach them well.
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  • Rudi's glorious 'shut up' to fellow bad-tempered Salamanders when they are agitated by Spriggan's presence inside Argo's group in chapter 40. Doubles as heartwarming moment.
    Rudi: "Because I remember everyone I rezzed."

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