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Film / Murderers' Row (1966)

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Murderer's Row is a 1966 comedic Spy Fiction film, the second entry in the Matt Helm series of movies starring Dean Martin.

Matt needs to stop the evil organization BIG O from getting their hands on a destructive weapon called the heliobeam. To this end, he needs to free the heliobeam's inventor, Dr. Solaris, from their clutches.


  • Faking the Dead: At the start, the villainous organization BIG O assassinates various ICE agents and are looking to include Matt in the list of the deceased. He fakes his death through an explosion in his house before that can happen, complete with a funeral that a dozen of his lovers, standing all in a row, attend.
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  • Girl of the Week: Suzie Solaris, the daughter of Dr. Solaris, is Matt's main love interest for this movie. On the bad guys' side there is Coco Duquette, who has a bit of a crush on Dr. Solaris and doesn't want to see him hurt.
  • Meaningful Name: Dr. Norman Solaris. He created the heliobeam, a weapon capable of mass destruction that's powered by the Sun.
  • The Power of the Sun: The heliobeam harnesses the sun's light for the purpose of mass destruction.
  • Rule of Pool: Like the previous movie, it ends with Matt and the Girl of the Week accidentally activating a mechanism in Matt's bed that throws them into his pool.
  • Take That!: Matt gets rid of an explosive by throwing it at a picture of Frank Sinatra that's being projected on the ceiling.
    Matt: Sorry, Frank!