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Tearjerker / The Familiar

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Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May

  • The story of Xanther and the hummingbird. She finds a wounded hummingbird and wants to care for it, but it is dying. The bird then goes into a seizure - while she herself also has severe epilepsy - and dies in her hands.
  • Xanther having a protracted seizure at her biological father's funeral. As if it wasn't tearjerker enough that her biological father Dov just died on military mission in Afghanistan, and she apparently never even knew him well - she goes into a grand mal seizure next to his coffin, and then is required to be hospitalized over Christmas and New Year.
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  • Shnorkh is brushed off rudely by the only witness (who didn't even bother to show up) who could have proven his innocence at his trial; then he is scolded by the judge as if it's his fault the witness didn't come, and then his own lawyer also treats him with contempt and openly says he [the lawyer] doesn't believe Shnorkh is innocent.

Volume 2: Into the Forest

Volume 3: Honeysuckle and Pain

Volume 4: Hades


Volume 5: Redwood


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