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Tear Jerker / Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade

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  • The aftermath of October 4 is upsetting, even more so in Sakuya's version since it opens up with Shinjiro's funeral. In that scene, the cast members stand in the audience, making it feel like the audience is actually participating with them in the events.
    • When Akihiko visits, his voice cracks when he sings "Twin Souls ~reprise~" because he's crying as he realizes his best friend is gone.
  • In The Bismuth Crystals, after Mitsuru's father has been killed, Mitsuru is left on the stage to sing "A Vulnerability veiled by Fog" and her voice cracks a lot, showing that she's crying hysterically.
  • Junpei and Chidori's duet reprise in The Indigo Pledge, which occurs right after Junpei is shot, is very bittersweet. In the reprise version, they're alone in a dream-like world, and their lyrics are changed from being distant to being drawn to each other. Sadly, it's their last meeting before Chidori dies.
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  • Junpei and Chidori's scene in both versions of Beyond the Blue Sky are saddening. In Sakuya's version, Chidori is really dead. Junpei and Chidori meet in a dream-like event, and Junpei asks her to be with him for a bit longer. In Kotone's version, Junpei receives a call from Mitsuru saying that Chidori has awakened from her coma, and he races to the hospital only to find out she doesn't remember him at all and that everything had happened seemed to be All Just a Dream to her. He's struggling not to cry when she says that she would probably spend Christmas (one of the biggest couple-related holidays in Japan) with that "special person" she met in her "dream."
  • At the very end of Beyond the Blue Sky, Aigis sings the first part of "Memories of You" in acapella, but she is struggling not to cry as Sakuya/Kotone dies next to her. Right when the melody kicks in, Sakuya/Kotone smiles and wipes a tear away from her face and falls into her arms.
    • In Kotone's version, Shinjiro surviving is bittersweet. On one hand, he's not dead like in Sakuya's version. On the other hand, the first thing the poor guy wakes up to is Kotone dying.

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