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Tear Jerker / One Piece: Parallel Works

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    Intro Arc 
  • When the Capricorns arrive at the ruins of Kazuma's house, which burned down before the story began. Then, Kazuma picks up the katana his father was going to give him.
  • After a nurse tells Kazuma that he can't see his father, Kazuma has to say good-bye to him outside of the hospital. After his good-bye, Kazuma's dad awakens from his coma.

    Baleeria Porto Arc 
  • Drusilla's backstory. She became blind when her father, angry that he was losing his money, blinded Drusilla and committed suicide.
  • Molly's backstory, where the Tenryuubito kill her parents, burn down her home, and force her to become an adopted daughter to Saint Ayame.

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