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Tear Jerker / Grant Morrison's Batman

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  • Well to kick it off, Grant Morrison's Batman started off with the introduction of Damian Wayne. It's only fitting that it comes to an end with his death. Damian Wayne's Death is a tear jerker because it highlighted all of the character development he underwent under Morrison's pen. By the end of the arc, he was desperately trying to get the approval of both Bruce and Talia, and his decision to no longer kill and look for the best in his mother was what lead to his death.
  • In an interview regarding the last issue of Batman Incorporated, Grant Morrison flat out admitted that, from seeing how Batman and those associated with him have become bleaker thanks to the Nu52 due to the likes of Scott Snyder's works and John Layman's works, Batman can not be brought into the light, and he plans on showing that with issue 13. Morrison has also stated that the issue will most likely destroy the concept of Batman itself. While Morrison's works are capable of being very dark, the fact that he is pretty much conceding to the bleaker, shallower, and more destructive themes that have dominated the DC Universe since after Flashpoint, is itself more depressing than one can imagine. To put it shortly, DC Comics broke Grant Morrison.
    • The interview can be read here.
    • YMMV, while he admitted that Batman could never be taken into the light, he has in the past stated that Batman, as Superman's polar opposite, can never join him into the sun. In which case the last issue can be taken as showing that Bruce, even after losing so much can still endure, if not ever having happiness for very long.
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  • The last issue and the fallout from the entire run. Ra's al-Ghul is freed from his prison and steals back the coffins of Talia & Damian from the Wayne cemetary. Bruce, wanting to retire after losing so much and going through so much, finds that he cannot just hang up the cowl. Batman Inc. is dissolved, accomplishing it's goal of stopping Leviathan but losing too much. The Batmen Of Many Nations will go back into obscurity. The Batfamily will further dissolve, reform and repeat as seen in the other Batbooks. Dr. Hurt & the rest of Darkseid's machinations for revenge of Batman are long in the past and are just so much filler in whatever Black Casebook they were written in. The Joker has reinvented himself and will continue to do so as long as he lives. Attempts to investigate Spyral will most likely result in nothing of real note; and Kathy Kane, revealed to be alive, will never meet Bruce again. Damian is dead, and there are no more Lazarus Pits to bring him back; as is his murderer the Heritic, Damian's younger brother/clone. Jim Gordon reflects that everytime Batman is knocked down, he will return stronger & better, but Batman's mission may never end, with no peace. And as the League of Assassins reorganizes with the return of it's founder, Ra's declares he will have revenge against the Detective for the deaths of his daughter & grandson, he reveals that he still has the clones of Damian and he will use them one day, in the shadows. Batman's journey goes on. So it goes.

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