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Tear Jerker / Fran Bow

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  • Poor Fran. Her parents died, she lost her only friend, Mr. Midnight, and she is stuck in an asylum where the staff ranges from well-meaning but ultimately useless to outright malicious.
    • For that matter, all the children in the asylum went through terrible things.
  • Fran had to kill the Beetlepig when it seemingly ate Mr. Midnight.
  • Fran cries several times during the course of the game, but one of the worst ones is in Ithersta when after seeing disturbing visions, she breaks down and fears she's simply crazy. It's rather heartwrenching to see her to the point of such utter despair.
  • Fran, Mr. Midnight and Itward sharing a hug when the flying ship is about to crash.
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  • Fran getting shot by Aunt Grace.
  • By the end of the game, very little is actually answered as far as what's happened. Fran seems willing to believe that she killed her parents, but is that the truth or one of Remor's tactics to fuel her despair for him to feed off of? Even if it was the truth, then did she do it willingly or under possession? You never find out, which can leave the player feeling a little empty since Fran only gets told repeatedly that she's not ready to hear the truth. There is no closure, and it stings that there isn't.


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