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Tear Jerker / Cake Boss

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  • Yeah, there were cakes in the Season 5 finale. Don't ask me what they were; the main focus of the episode was the news that Buddy's mother has been diagnosed with ALS.
  • Early in season three of Next Great Baker, contestant James Brown announced that he had been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and would leave in place of whoever lost the competition. Cue tears from almost everyone, including guest judge Lou Ferrigno.
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  • In Season 9 of Cake Boss known as Hurricane Sandy Strikes, we see the aftermath of the storm for Buddy and his crew. They are looking at the devestation of Buddy's hometown and it's honestly kinda hard to not feel sympathy for the man. Especially since he feels he has an oblegation to his customers and he may have to hold back or make them unable to give them what they want.
  • The death of Mary Valastro Pinto (Buddy's mom) and how Buddy, their family and the crew at the bakery were devastated by her death in the episode, "Farewell to Momma Mary."

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