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  • In the episode where Buddy was making a cake for the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, he also makes a three foot in diameter chocolate chip cookie for Cookie Monster. Cookie's big :O face is priceless.
    • Two more bits, thanks to Cookie Monster: Cookie's reaction when Buddy first reveals he's a baker and Buddy's "He (Cookie) is real" when Joey asks why he's making the giant cookie for a "puppet" as seriously as saying "I have black hair".
    • Related to that...
    Elmo: This cake is going to take a long time to eat.
    Abby: Not with Cookie Monster around.
    • Hell, just the fact that the the actors are celebrating in character, as if kids were actually watching this.
    • Cookie Monster's reaction to the giant cookie cake. First, he stands there in shock with his mouth wide open, then immediately runs out with it, obviously intending to eat the whole thing himself.
  • Special mention also goes to the Bachelorette cake episode, when Mama Valastro accidentally gets a peek at the fully completed nude figure, resulting in a long, drawn-out scream.
    • Doubly funny because of how... out of proportion that particular figure was.
  • There was a segment on Good Morning America, a silly one, about one-year-old babies smashing their birthday cakes that was going to have a competition between four babies to see who could make the biggest mess. Since it's put on this page, three guesses who shows up with the cakes he or his bakery made for the event. Made funnier because, when asked if he felt bad about his cakes getting destroyed by babies, Buddy actually expressed enjoyment and made it out that it was a requirement for any baby's first birthday. The cherry on top is that, when the babies are allowed to have at it, they barely did anything, with one not even wanting to touch the cake. Epically funny, admittedly not from Cake Boss but not something that would've been out of place on that show.
    • Cake smashing played a part in an actual episode: a photographer wanted cakes for her one year old daughter and her friends to smash for a photo shoot. Never Work with Children or Animals strikes again, with the photographer's daughter taking a tumble and crying for the rest of the episode. Buddy tries to help, with the editing suggesting a showdown between him and the baby. If you agree with that interpretation, Buddy lost.
  • Basically anything to do with Ralph, Buddy's head sculptor.
    • Possibly one of the funniest things with him was that in one episode, it's revealed that Ralph's part of a LARP-group (for those who don't know what LARP is, it stands for "Live Action Role Playing"—or, as Buddy's cousin, Frankie, describes it, "Civil War reenacting for nerds"). Buddy and the others never knew this about Ralph until Ralph's LARP-friends came to Buddy for a cake order for an event they were doing—when Buddy confronted Ralph about it, Ralph sheepishly admitted, "It was one of those things that I was hoping I'd never have to talk to you about." Buddy and the others, at first, made fun of Ralph for it, but after Ralph told them that they should at least try it, they did, and they actually ended up liking it.
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  • Buddy deciding to "help" Frankie get over his fear of clowns by dressing Danny up as a clown and surprising him.

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