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Tear Jerker / Blue Beetle

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  • When Jaime and Traci 13 encounter Eclipso (in the body of Jean Loring at the time), Traci at the end of the battle reveals that Eclipso is standing on holy ground blessed with the blood of a hero (Paco having struck Jaime in the head to save a baby). Traci then tells Eclipso she is going to channel that good magic into a blast they will see in outerspace. Eclispo wonders why Traci, a young hero still learning her skills,would dare face a foe that has taken down the Justice League.
    Traci: When my mom died, two very important people took me in. He taught me to be a detective... and I loved her so much.
    Eclipso: No, not me! My host did that, not me! I did not kill Sue Dib- *blasted away*
    Traci: You don't get to say her name. You don't.

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