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Tear Jerker / Balto

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  • The tiny coffins from the first movie, being built by the same man who had so happily made Rosy's sled earlier in the film. The music does NOT help.
    • In addition, just thinking about how the carpenter must feel while doing this. His expressions make it clear that he is not enjoying this at all.
    • A Fridge Tear Jerker? In reality a few children did die during the diphtheria epidemic.
  • Also from the first movie, the sheer hopelessness of the situation regarding the illness. 18 children or more are sick with a deadly disease and all the town is able to do is watch their kids die.
  • Balto's isolation and mistreatment, to anyone who has experienced the same thing, is heart-wrenching.
  • The adults losing hope of the medicine arriving and putting the lights out, one by one.
  • A brief moment after Balto fell off the cliff and pulls himself out of the snow. He doesn't try to climb back up; he just lies down, mutters Rosy's name, covers his face and cries to himself and you can see he's given up. In those few moments, he thinks he's failed Rosy. Thankfully, the white wolf appears.
  • The white wolf scene itself is initially a Tear Jerker. Balto's spent the entire film trying to ignore his wolf half, and when he meets an actual wolf (for possibly the first time since he was a puppy), he turns away.
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  • At the end, when the children are starting to recover, the townsfolk crowd around Balto, thanking him. When they start reaching towards him, he looks scared for a moment, as if he expects them to hit him.
  • Steele himself gets one after they lose control of the sled and the handler is knocked out cold. All of the dogs turn to Steele and ask what they should do. The cocky and arrogant mask Steele has been wearing slips away and you see just how helpless and scared he really is.
  • The handler who was knocked out cold? He never woke up. Even after the team made it home.
  • "Balto. I would've been lost without you."
  • The ending, where a now adult Rosie looks upon Balto's statue in Central Park, repeating the aforementioned line as she pays her respects to her friend.


Balto 2

  • The scene where Balto and Jenna's pups all get adopted except for Aleu, and the song only makes matters WORSE.
  • Aleu and Balto's goodbye at the end also merits this. While they're assuring they will never forget each other, it's still a father saying goodbye to his daughter while knowing he will never see her again. It gets worse when you realize that Jenna, her mother, Never Got to Say Goodbye.
  • This exchange between Luk and Muk, after they tell Balto that Aleu is missing:
    Balto: I was sure she'd come home... she must be at her mother's.
    (After Balto runs off to find Aleu, Luk starts crying)
    Muk: (also tears up) I know. I wish we had a mum too. (both hug and cry)

Balto 3

  • Scrappy or not, Stella's freak-out when she realizes Boris could potentially be lost and dead is sad in itself.
  • The sled dogs' initial refusal to join Balto in rescuing the pilot leaves him feeling quite depressed with how his fellow canines are acting. Kodi's refusal hits him the hardest, and it's mutual, given how Kodi is visibly saddened and hesitates to respond to his father.

Alternative Title(s): Balto II Wolf Quest, Balto III Wings Of Change


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