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TX was a Canadian Synth-Pop band from Montréal that used cheap synthesisers to achieve a retro-futuristic sci-fi sound. Started by former highly trained electronic rock artist Pascal Languirand, the band was his personal disco project, alongside keyboardist Steve Wyatt.


M was a 1977 to 1978 Punk band started by Jimmy Edwards. Signed to Epic, the group released only one 7" and nothing else; this is a shame, as their unreleased LP featured some of the wittiest tracks of the late U. K. scene.


China Crisis

Gary "Gazza" Johnson (bass guitar) and Water Boys drummer Kevin Wilkinson are added to the lineup, and the band reinforced by Steve Brebby (oboe) is a new song including "Wishful Thinking" at the BBC peel session in January 1983. Was released for the first time. .. [14] The single "Tragedy and Mystery" was released in May and peaked at number 46 on the UK singles chart. [11] Arrangement of songs that highlighted Levi's oboe and flugelhorn, showing a striking change from the band's previous synth-pop sounds.

The band was again reinforced by Steve Levy on several tracks on oboe and saxophone, recording their second album, "Working with Fire and Steel – Possible Pop Songs Volume Two," released in November 1983. [2] The title song "Working with Fire and Steel" before the release of the album was released as a single. Although it was only a minor hit at number 48 in the UK [11], it became a hit single in Spain, Australia and Ireland, and appeared on the Dansk club song chart in the United States.


In early 1984, the single "Wishful Thinking" peaked at No. 9 on the UK Singles Chart, making it the first and only UK Top 10 hit single. [2] [12] The song was one of the top 10 hits in Ireland, the top 20 hits in some European countries, and # 1 on the Swedish radio chart Poporama. [15] In March 1984, the follow-up single "Hanna Hanna" reached No. 44 on the UK Singles Chart. [11]

The album itself had top 20 successes in the UK and reached the top 40 in several other countries (including Spain, Australia, Canada, etc.), and the China crisis hit the biggest charts in 1984 and 1985.

Their third album, Display Imperfections, reached the ninth in the British album charts in 1985 with Walter Becker's Steely Dan's fame produced by [2] [12] China's crisis. He was listed in the group as a quintet of Daily, Lundon, Johnson, Wilkinson and Becker on the credits of the album, which won the official work with Becker directly. He never officially appeared in the band (but contributed to an important performance on the album). Subsequent tours featured new keyboard player Brian Mc Neil. Johnson is currently credited as a co-author with Daily and Rundon.


The album was promoted by the British hit No. 14 "Black Man Ray" [12] and reached the top 40 in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands and more, with high acclaim and international success. .. The follow-up "Kingina Catholic Style (Wake Up)", which was the top 20 UK single in 19th place, will be the band's final blockbuster. [12] The third release of the album, "You Did Cut Me," stalled at No. 54 [12] in the UK, but reached the top 30 in Ireland and the top 10 in Spain. They also released a video compilation, Showbiz Absurd.What price paradise editing

In 1986, the band collaborated with producers on what price paradise "Arizona Sky" (the madness that worked for) Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, the first single release of the album and other Australian hits. Including. Currently, all bands are credited as songwriters. The album's second single, "Best Kept Secret," reached number 36 in the UK in early 1987 [12] and reached the top 20 in Spain and Ireland. It was to be the band's last Top 40 hit single. [12]

The five-piece band collaborated with Becker again in 1989's "Hollow Horse Diary." [2] It worked slightly better than its predecessor, reaching the UK Top 60 and producing the singles "St Savior Square" and "Red Letter Day", both of which reached the bottom of the UK singles chart. [12] Becker produced most of the tracks on the album, but this time he wasn't credited as an official band member.

The band's last studio album, Warped by Success, was released in 1994 after the band broke up on the Virgin label. The album produced their final studio chart single "Everyday the Same" [2] [12] and temporarily entered the UK's Top 100. A session musician used to record an album. In 1995 they released a live unplugged album and video titled Acoustically Yours. It featured a live version of "Black Man Ray" and also saw short returns from Johnson, Mc Neil and Wilkinson.

On July 17, 1999, drummer Kevin Wilkinson hanged himself at the age of 41. Wilkinson played in a variety of bands, including Water Boys, Fish, The Proclaimers, Squeeze, and Howard Jes. In 2000, Daily contributed a track to a homage compilation to Wilkinson of the Green Indians.

Since the late 1990s, China Crisis has focused on live performances, with only former members Eddie Lundon and Gary Daly remaining constant. The band alternates performances as a duo or with a fluctuating lineup of backing musicians. Most notable of these is Manx guitarist Colin Hinds, who spent more than a decade in the band in the early 21st century.

China Crisis (Rewrite)

CC was a English New Wave band that recorded from 1981 to 1994. Part of the Liverpudlian scene of the late 70's/early 80's, the group focused on art-rock inflected stylisation and politically-oriented lyricism before becoming a more commercial Synth-Pop unit around 1985. Founded in 1979, the band got its start when vocalist Gary Daly, who previously performed in various post-punk groups, experimented with synthsisers and drum machines. After getting Dave Reilly (drummer) and Eddie Lundon (guitarist) to join him, they cut their inaugural single "African and White", an ode against the apartheid era, in 1981, on the indie label Inevitable. In 1982, signing to Virgin Records, they released their debut LP Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms - Some People Think It's Fun To Entertain; its unique New Wave-Synth-Pop-Post-Punk-Arty Rock hybrid sound standing out in an already exuberantly creative year for the U.K. New Wave scene. The single "Christian" was the album's biggest hit, peaking at No. 12 in 1983. Reilly left the group that same year, with session musician Steve Levy replacing him.

Bobby Orlando

Born in 1958, Robert Philip Orlando, also known as Bobby Orlando or simply Bobby Orlando, is an American record producer, indie record label owner, songwriter, and musician. He is considered an innovator in the hi-NRG genre for developing his signature sound. Leverage "powerful beats" and "new wave style" vocals with the help of "heavy [synthesizer] bass", synthesizers, pianos, guitars and cowbellsOrlando, the son of a school teacher in the suburbs of New York, declined a classical music scholarship to pursue glam rock, an interest in music at the time. In the late 1970s, his professional interest shifted to disco, and shortly thereafter he founded his own record label, "O" Records.Bobby Orlando has been a prolific music producer, songwriter, musician and record label Impresario. In the 1980s, he produced hundreds of musical records released on various record labels, including "O" records, Bobcat records, memo records, telephone records, menovision records, beach records, plastic records and Eurobeat records. , Composed and played. Obscure records, beatbox records, Rio Vista records, intelligent records, basic records, knowledge records, etc. At the peak of his success in the late 1980s, [citation needed] he ceased to be a producer.Orlando is recognized as one of the founders of Hi-NRG dance music. His work is easily identified by its elaborate synthesizer, rolling basslines and reverberating percussion. He has played multiple instruments on tracks, including electronic keyboards, guitars, basses, synthesizers, drums, pianos, various percussion, trumpets and saxophones. Cowbell's percussion lines and robot sequencers heard in "She Has A Way," "The Best Part of Breakin'Up," and "Native Love (Step By Step)" say he defines his trademark sound. It isAs a solo artist, Orlando recorded hits on the tracks "She Has a Way," "How To Pick Up Girls," and "I'm So Hot for You." He created The Flirts, the concept of the project, to bring his performance as an artist, musician and songwriter to the forefront. Orlando produced the hits "Passion," "Danger," and "Helpless," a constantly spinning roster of female session singers and models. His relationship with underground movie star Divine produced the classic club anthems "Native Love (Step By Step)" (featuring Orlando's voice in the chorus), "Love Reaction" and "Shoot Your Shot". .. Orlando also produced The Fast, later known as Man 2 Man.Orlando's songs frequently deal with philosophical themes such as "Try It (I'm in Love with a Married Man)," a contemporary arrangement when re-recorded by the Pet Shop Boys in 2003. Many of Orlando's lyrics are unrequited love, personal despair, personal anxiety, and a perspective of seeking truth. Orlando often engraved philosophical sayings on vinyl records featuring his songs. These sayings are literally cut into the grooves near the vinyl "leadouts" and "rock grooves." Many of these are rare and are now collector's items that sell for hundreds of dollars.His music has appeared in numerous films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddie's Revenge, Wigstock: Movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Valley Girl, Dark Mirror, Flying, High Risk, Lapin, Underground. French electroclash duo Miss Kittin and Hacker mention Orlando in their first album song "Walking in the Sunshine" released in 2001 ("I love men like Bobby Orlando / all the time". Former The Flirts composer / it makes me laugh so much, you know / but I don't want to show it "). In 2005, the Scottish dance-punk band Shitdisco from Glasgow paid tribute to Bobby Orlando and The Flirts on their first single, "Disco Blood."Orlando has influenced the release of various Eurodisco, tropical house, techno, Italo disco, electronic ("EDM"), and Hi-NRG. He is quoted by music historians for his contributions to dance music.

Bobby Orlando (Rewrite)

BO is an American synth-pop musician, producer, & singer very successful in the 1980's. He established the Hi-NRG genre, a post-disco subgenre of dance-pop; non-funk stylised & composed entirely of synths. After graduating high school, he

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

Released in September 1982, the album reached number three on the UK album charts. [8] In the United States, A & M issued a limited edition translucent gold using the album's maroon marble vinyl press. [9]

There is also a bonus track "In Every Heaven". Previously the song was lost because it wasn't labelled correctly on the master tape. The instrumental, called "Soundtrack for Every Heaven," was the B-side of the "Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime)" 12-inch single, and was included in Virgin's popular Methods Of Dance Volume 2 compilation. An alternative version of "In Every Heaven" from the same session has appeared in the version of New Gold Dream included in the X5 box set.

Pure Synth-Pop

Most musical acts that use synths merely dabble in them. But every once in a while, an artist wants to craft soundscapes using synthesisers exclusively. This stylisation is often dubbed "pure synth-pop" to differentiate it fro artists that combine synths with actual instruments.

Kraftwerk pioneered pure synth-pop in the late 70's, on their sixth album Trans-Europe Express.