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Shapes in the Dark is a supernatural-based RP which takes place in an Earth where all of the myths, urban legends, tales of the supernatural, all of that is real. There are most definitely vampires and werewolves and Lovecraftian beasts and all of that crazy stuff, as well as the main villains: DRAGONS!

There are four factions so far fighting this menace: Deus Fortis Legio, or God's Mighty Legion, a group of dragon hunters mainly based in Europe, wielding the power of the Voice of Dragons (yes, it's inspired by Skyrim). There is the Templar Confederate, wielding the power of the Templars of old, wielding the power of their faith, and led by the Order of the Shining Blade, and their leader, The Golden Knight, wielding the power of King Arthur. There is the Majestic, a group of ex-Special Forces operatives based in America, fighting monsters with modern weaponry and tactics, led by 12 operatives known as the Majestic 12, and their leader, Majestic 0, rumored to be a powerful earth mage. And finally, there is the Eternal Dragon, fighting from the shadows, doing battle with youkai and other monsters that haunt Asia, their elite known as the Final Bastion, wielding the ancient weaponry of the ninja, and their leader, Kaze no Shizuka, rumored to move on the very wind itself.


We haven't been around for very long, and as such, haven't really begun to develop a plot.

The Tropes included:

  • Our Dragons Are Different-We've got a whole spectrum of these. We have sea dragons, storm dragons, fire dragons, frost dragons, name an element, and we probably have a dragon for it.
  • Religion is Magic- This one's a bit of a stretch, because the Templar Confederate wield light magic, and Majestic 3 has blessed Desert Eagles.
  • Urban Fantasy- Our first story thread was a dragon burning down London.
  • Ancient Conspiracy- Also a bit of a stretch, because our dragons are as old as time itself.
  • Big Bad- Either Ryuugun, the King of Dragons, or Joseph the Eraser, King of the House of Darkness.
  • Motor Mouth- Wade Penber