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Recap / The West Wing S 03 E 16 Dead Irish Writers

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It is Abigail's birthday (birthday week, technically) and the White House is throwing a grand party for her. Abigail isn't fully happy, as tomorrow she has to appear before the court to discuss her medical malpractices when it came to Jed Bartlet's MS.

Donna is not allowed in at the party because of some paperwork coming in saying that she's not American. She's from Canada instead and she's quite upset about it because she's made fun of the queen, thrown away Canadian pennies and she's paid US taxes her whole life.


Lord John Marbury comes back to the White House as a guest to Abby's party and as the UK ambassador to the US, saying that Brendan McGann cannot come to the White House on the grounds that he is a terrorist who's murdered British soldiers while at the same time, he's been US friendly.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Dumbass Has a Point: Donna is not perceived as the smartest woman of the White House, and she's not, compared to C.J, Amy Gardner, and Abigail Bartlet. Yet when all four were in the same room getting drunk on wine, and Abby complained that she is still a doctor despite everything bad happening to her, Donna pointed out that Abby was still a doctor when her husband told her to give him the pills for MS and don't tell anyone about it and she said okay to that. Abby genuinely has no response and admitted that Donna was very good there.

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