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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 3 E 12 Double Helix

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The Control Voice: Perhaps we should ask ourselves: will the next leap of science be a step into the future? Or a plunge into the abyss?

A professor develops a serum he believes will accelerate evolution and injects himself with it. Instead, he is driven to take some students, his son, and his son's girlfriend on a journey.

The Control Voice: The more we learn about the universe around us, the more we realize how little we truly know. But we will only find what wonders await us if no false walls are built around our explorers, and no false restraints applied to the unquenchable human thirst to know it all.

Double Tropes:

  • Absent-Minded Professor: The scientist in this episode. His son calls him out on being so focused on his research that he was never there for his family. The scientist is incredibly shocked when he finds out that his teenage son is dating a 30-year-old woman.
  • And the Adventure Continues: Dr. Martin Nodel, his son Paul, Hope and six students board the alien ship which will take them to the homeworld of the race that seeded Earth with their DNA 60 million years ago.
  • Professor Guinea Pig: After testing his serum on a fish, which made it grow legs, Professor Martin Nodel then injects it into himself. When he reveals this, his son and students are in disbelief and ask if he is crazy.
  • Take Off Your Clothes: Professor Martin Nodel asks the eight students whom he has chosen to assist him in his latest research project to strip in front of him to ensure that they were telling the truth about not having any significant blemishes or deformities and never having had any major surgery. Sharon refuses as she finds it creepy and invasive. Brittany is disqualified because she had an appendectomy, which she neglected to mention. Heather has a tattoo but that is not enough to disqualify her by itself. Professor Nodel objects when several of the students giggle.
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  • Ultraterrestrials: A seemingly alien race seeded Earth with their DNA about 60 million years ago, which eventually resulted in the evolution of humanity.
  • Unstable Genetic Code: A university professor activated the introns in his DNA. This resulted in a map growing on his back, which he is intended to follow.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: The world's most eminent geneticist Dr. Martin Nodel is berated by his 19-year-old son Paul for never attending his Little League games.

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