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Recap / The Goldbergs S 6 E 11 The Wedding Singer

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A Plot: As Barry and Lainey's wedding approaches, Barry and Lainey start to realize that they're not ready and they struggle to tell their family. Unfortunately for them, Beverly is going all out to give them a dream wedding, even attempting to hire wedding singer Robbie Hart to play the event.

B Plot: Adam tries to get hired as the videographer for the wedding but is shot down because his videos are too wacky. Geoff attempts to help and Adam reveals that he struggles dealing with real emotions, hiding behind humor.


  • The Cameo: Jon Lovitz reprises his role as Jimmie Moore from The Wedding Singer.
  • Crossover: Turns out the show is set on the same universe as The Wedding Singer, as characters wander in and out of scenes from the movie.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Lainey and Barry decide to call off their wedding because they finally realize they are not ready for that commitment. Narrator Adam assures the audience that they eventually do get back together, which is confirmed in the spin-off Schooled.
  • Laugh Track: Adam adds laughs to Lainey's heartfelt video because he's uncomfortable with genuine emotion.

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