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Recap / The Bridge: Humanity's Stand Ch 13 Tytanna's Twisted Tale

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Gamera heals the other Kaiju's injuries with his magic, then leaves to report the battle's outcome to the GDF. Tytanna chats with Zilla, and brags about a video game she was playing that features zombies. Zilla asks how in the world she can play a video game. She calls him cousin and says the answer will blow his mind. Confused, he says he doesn't have any living relatives.

The pair see Titanosaurus, still mourning Obsidius' death. Despite Zilla warning her not to disturb her, Tytanna attempts to comfort her. Tytanna sadly admits that she can't understand what she is going through, but they are allies and they have to stick together. Titanosaurus calms down a bit, then asks where Tytanna came from and why they look so similar.


Extremely nervous, Tytanna explains that she is a clone of Titanosaurus with some human DNA mixed in. The scientist who created her raised her in hopes of bridging the gap between humans and Kaiju, and as a last resort weapon. She slipped away from the lab and ran into them.

Tytanna expects Titanosaurus to be angry, but instead, she hugs her. For the longest time, Titanosaurus thought she was the Last of Her Kind, but now she has a daughter. The hug lasts for a very long time. Zilla awkwardly tries to get their attention, but they tell him to shut up.


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