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Recap / The Bridge: Humanity's Stand Ch 14 Meeting Madness

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As a light rain falls, Pentecost and the other members of the GDF council wait on the landing pads for their visitors. Captain Gordon dislikes the constant rain and complains about the location of their headquarters. Pentecost explains that it had to be a port city in Japan as that is where the most Kaiju activity happens. It's only a few hours from Singapore, the second hot spot for Kaiju. If the base was in America, it would be seen as favoritism, and Hawaii is too unstable with its active volcanoes. Ozaki jokingly complains about how his home country is always the first to be attacked to lighten the mood.


Gordon, Tachibana, and the others turn to Pentecost and say they want answers. Earlier, he claimed that he fired Dimension Tide because Godzilla Junior and Xenilla's battle threatened to ignite the atmosphere, but they know that's a lie. Even with Godzilla and Xenilla's power levels, such a thing is scientifically impossible.

Pentecost sighs and says so many members of the United Nations wanted to launch Dimension Tide and just eliminate all the Kaiju, regardless of their alliance, seeing them all as monsters to be destroyed. Launching it was the only way to appease them. They tell him to stop beating around the bush and explain why he lied. He explains that with the public turned against them for getting rid of popular Kaiju like Mothra, he had to spin it like he had no choice or else they would all die to calm them down. Besides, the news that the Kaiju are now in Equestria is distracting them for now. They crack up and forgive him.


A jet approaches, and the men wonder what special project Joanne Johnson, Ishiro Serizawa's top student, was talking about. The jet lands and Ishiro, Joanne, and Joanne's assistant/bodyguard Salindra "Sal" Darkveil greet them. Joanne has a large suitcase that is too heavy for her to budge, but Sal effortlessly lifts it with one hand, then carries Joanne with her other arm despite her protests. Ishiro explains to the bemused men that Joanne has No Sense of Direction and Sal doesn't want her to get lost, citing how she often gets lost on a ship she helped design, and couldn't find his office even when it was right in front of her. Joanne manages to convince Sal to put her down as long as she doesn't wander off.

They are informed that their Kaiju allies are coming. Joanne frowns and says Tytanna disobeyed her mother and she is so grounded. Ishiro and Sal tell her to calm down, but Joanne has Anger Born of Worry that her daughter ran off to battle even though her training was not complete. As the men gawk at this, Titanosaurus and Zilla emerge from the water in a good mood. Ozaki uses telepathy and bursts into laughter. A few seconds later, Tytanna emerges, annoyed because she Failed a Spot Check and swam headfirst into a concrete wall, which was why the other two Kaiju were amused. She panics when she notices Joanne there. Joanne says she is in big trouble for going off on her own. Tytanna protests telepathically that the whole world was in danger and she had to do something. Joanne says that's no excuse for leaving without telling her.


Ishiro tells Joanne they're in a hurry and to continue this some other time. Joanne tells Tytanna to hang out with the other two until their meeting is over. Pentecost says that won't do; Zilla has another mission to go to and Titanosaurus dislikes being near human civilization. With the help of Ozaki's telepathy, Penetcost formally apologizes to Titanosaurus for the mind control incident. She accepts it, and says that while she still doesn't want to ally with the GDF or the Defenders, she will fight to protect the planet from invaders. She's also happy to have met Tytanna, another member of her kind. The GDF members say it is time for their meeting. Suddenly Tytanna tells Joanne she wants to come with them and starts moving toward them. Several people panic, thinking she's going to absentmindedly crush them, but to their amazement, she starts to shrink down and change shape. By the time she reaches them, she has become a human woman with reptilian features like scales, a tail, and fins, about a head taller than Gordon. The men stare stupefied as Ishiro and Joanne Facepalm and Sal hands Tytanna a robe to cover herself with. Joanne notices everyone is staring at her and she says she can explain. As everyone walks inside, Pentecost groans at how messed up his life is right now.

Miki and Taiyou stand by as a group led by Gondo and Cassidy work with several phones and computers, trying to find leads on Red Dawn. Taiyou complains that it's taking too long and will give Red Dawn a chance to move their headquarters again. Miki says it's Realpolitik; they have to do paperwork and go through legal channels to keep valuable allies like Hannibal Chau. Taiyou says if it weren't for nonsense like this, the forces of evil would already be stopped and humanity wouldn't have ruined the environment. While she knows Red Dawn is evil, they had a point about their policies. Miki says while Humans Are Flawed, they have the capacity to learn and improve. As long as they never give up hope, there is nothing they cannot do. Taiyou complains that her optimism is making her gag, but Miki insists that it's already working. Before, Taiyou would have killed her enemies without a second thought and tortured them when probing their minds. When she interrogated Laoshu, she simply read his mind. Taiyou says she just didn't feel like doing it, but Miki insists she's on the path to becoming a better person. Gondo walks up and says they've found a lead that Red Dawn's new base is in the French countryside. Miki comments she always wanted to go to France, as it always seemed so peaceful. Taiyou laughs and says she's naive. France has an even bloodier history than Germany, and it spawned Napoleon Bonaparte, whom some consider the First Horseman of the Apocalypse. She walks away, and Gondo says she worries him. Miki says to give it time.

As the meeting begins, Joanne twiddles her thumbs nervously, Sal sits with her feet on the table, and Tytanna awkwardly tries to sit, but she's too large and heavy for the chairs. When Tytanna notices everyone staring at her, she shyly tries to hide behind Joanne and Sal, but she's much larger than them. Pentecost and Gordon say they're starting and she'll just have to stand up, but she says she has an idea. To their amazement, she shrinks even further until she's shorter than Joanne. Her fins disappear, her tail shrinks until it's almost invisible, and her scales have become much smoother, so she looks much more human. Her robe falls open and Joanne helps her close it. Tytanna honestly doesn't see the point of modesty, but Joanne tells her she has to follow the laws of human society.

As she happily sits in a chair, Pentecost tries to speak, but keeps losing his train of thought until Gordon and Sal yell to get on with it at the same time. Pentecost asks Ishiro to explain their project. Ishiro says his division, Monarch, was assigned to solve technology issues and many of its inventions are available to the public. However, after Final Wars, it started secret projects in preparation for another invasion. He and Joanne were able to improve the Jeagers, Moguera, Super Mechagodzilla, and Kiryu by finding better power sources, AI, and reverse engineering the aliens' "Space Titanium".

Pentecost tells them to stop stalling and tell them about Tytanna. Joanne says she would love to show off her finest creation. Tytanna playfully interprets this as "doff her robe and show off her body". As the men stare in disbelief again, Ishiro looks ready to faint, Sal looks on amused and snacks on popcorn, and Joanne angrily orders her daughter to get dressed and finally gives her a spanking. Pentecost lectures Tytanna that he's well aware from the reports from the submarine captains that she is fully capable of being serious, and he will not tolerate her fooling around during this meeting. She gets upset and her eyes glow red, but she agrees not to mess around anymore.

Joanne says she created Tytanna about... she can't remember until Sal holds up six fingers - six years ago. After Final Wars, she decided the humans needed more Kaiju on their side. She traveled the world trying to find an egg to raise like Azusa Gojo did with Godzilla Junior, but she couldn't find any. She gave Ishiro the idea of bribing Kaiju with food, which helped improve relations with the Defenders and helped somewhat tame the male M.U.T.O. Then she decided to make a Kaiju. She collected several D.N.A. samples and tried to clone them, but they didn't seem to respond to the procedure. She tried combining them with human D.N.A., but while this allowed them to be cloned, the resulting specimens would have been horribly mutated and diseased. One day, a breakthrough happened when scientists discovered the body of a Kaiju dubbed Leviathan, which seemed to be even older than the Guardian Beasts. By combining its D.N.A. with the human and Kaiju samples, it allowed them to bond perfectly. Tytanna is the result of Titanosaurus, Leviathan, and human D.N.A.

Gordon asks how Tytanna is able to grow, shrink, and change her form. Joanne says she's done tests, and it doesn't make sense from a scientific standpoint, since it seems to violate the Square-Cube Law. Since Tytanna can channel mana like Gamera and Mothra can, she can only guess it's a magical ability. Ozaki asks about her combat abilities. Tytanna says she knows several forms of martial arts, swordsmanship, marksmanship, a sonic scream, computer games, and several dances. Joanne tells the bemused men that not all of Tytanna's life is training, she has plenty of leisure time. Tytanna says Sal taught her everything she knows about fighting. Impressed, Ozaki says he'd like to spar with both of them later.

Tachibana asks about Leviathan, hoping to shed some light on the Guardian Beasts and the lost civilizations they came from. Joanne clarifies that Leviathan predates the Guardian Beasts by several million years, and seems to be an extraterrestrial. As far as she can tell, it rode the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Joanne has some good news and asks Sal to open her suitcase. Inside a glass container are several glowing crystals, each a different color. She explains that the invading aliens power their ships with Elerium-115, a powerful radioactive substance. Well, she's found something remarkably similar. These crystals seem to be solid mana, and radiate a similar level of power, so she's dubbed it Magicite. Ishiro panics at the thought that they are right near a radioactive substance, but Joanne says she's not stupid and the glass is leaded.

Pentecost reminds her that they have tried to use samples of Elerium-115 in their reactors and it didn't work, and asks if this Magicite will work. Joanne says they've made a test reactor the size of a soda can, and it releases one and a half gigawatts of power an hour and is projected to last for years. The problem is that they don't have cables that can channel that amount of power without frying, and the level of radiation the reaction emits is immense. One wrong move and a lot of people die. On the plus side, with a little experimentation, they should be able to modify their Magicite reactors to work with Elerium-115.

Joanna has more good news and says they found an artifact from the ancient civilizations that still works. She calls to Tytanna, and Tytanna pulls out an old, rusted sword that has black Magicite crystals embedded in both the hilt and the blade. Joanna says the sword has had many names over the years: Caledfwlch, Caladbolg, and the most famous, Excalibur. Confused, Tachibana asks what's that. Incredulous, Joanna asks how in the world he's never heard of Excalibur. Pentecost diplomatically says since it's from a European story, it's reasonable the Japanese Tachibana hadn't heard of it, but Ozaki points out he's also Japanese and he's heard of it.

Tytanna frowns and says it will be easier to just demonstrate. She concentrates and channels mana into the weapon. The crystals begin to glow in different colors. She narrates that in France, it was called Durendal, the Unyielding Blade. In England, it was called Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory. In Ireland, it was called Caledfwlch, the Sword of Holy Fire. In Scotland, it was called Caladbolg, Weapon of the Gods, Blade of the King of Kings. Everyone is amazed as the sword glows with holy light and the blade is restored to pristine condition, looking like the ultimate weapon. She merely taps the table with the sword and the table splits in half. She then faints, having used up her mana reserves. The sword falls to the floor and again looks like an ordinary, rusted sword. As Joanna tends to her, Pentecost groans that he liked that table. Gordon mutters that he hates magic, and Pentecost says, "Ditto."

In Red Dawn's headquarters, Edrick Werner walks to the inner sanctum, incredibly scared and hoping his superiors don't decide to Shoot the Messenger. He enters Lady Adeline's office and sadly reports that they were unable to retrieve Laoshu from GDF custody. Fortunately, they were able to wipe his hard drives. Adeline is not pleased. Laoshu tried to attack Hannibal Chau unauthorized and having Chau as an enemy will make things much harder. Erick confidently says they will be ready for anything their enemies throw at them. Displeased, Adeline Neck Lifts him with inhuman strength, choking the life out of him while lecturing him that he is too naive. Overconfidence and blind faith will be their downfall.

She releases him and says it's not his fault, and he's proven his loyalty. She hugs him and caresses his head and he revels in her beauty. She asks him to do one more thing for her and he eagerly says he'll do anything. All she wants is for him to stand there and look at her. He stares at her and feels his mind growing dim. Suddenly, her arm is revealed to be mechanical and it impales his chest. She tells him to feel fear, and he does as he thrashes in agony. She drains his life force and he falls to the floor, dead. She casually walks back to her desk and looks at several monitors that show scenes from around the world, including Tytanna's demonstration of Excalibur. Adeline remarks that humans are so pathetic and stupid, especially the pawns in Red Dawn, but that doesn't mean they don't have their uses. She looks at a monitor showing Solgell Island and focuses on one specific Kaiju. Soon, she will have all she needs to get revenge against the "traitor".


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