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Recap / Teen Titans Go S 1 E 9 Ghost Boy

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Beast Boy attempts to prank Starfire by making her believe that she killed him in his fly form. When she found out about the prank, the other Titans help her get back on him by making him believe he actually died.

Tropes included:

  • Death Glare: Starfire, when the other Titans tell her that she's being pranked.
  • Gaslighting: This is how the Titans attempted to get back on Beast Boy for his prank against Starfire. They set up a funeral for him by the time he wakes up from his sleep, and Raven used a spell of transparency to make him intangible. However, Beast Boy ruins the plan by pretending to jump in a volcano by the time the spell cancels out.
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  • Karmic Death: Beast Boy spends the first half of the episode pulling a prolonged and nasty prank on Starfire. Then in the second half, his next prank gets her and the rest of the Titans killed, and he laughs at what happened to them. It's only fitting that immediately after, Beast Boy himself bites it by slipping on a rock and falling into the volcano for real.
  • Kill 'Em All: The Titans died in this episode, including Beast Boy, and have become ghosts.
  • Slasher Smile: Beast Boy, when he attempts to prank Starfire.
  • "What Now?" Ending: Even Cyborg said the line.
    Cyborg: So... what now?


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