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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 3 No Quarter

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Directed by Sanford Bookstaver
Written by Monica Owusu-Breen

Now fleeing from the Monroe Militia, Nora leads the gang back to camp, only to find many of the fighters are injured from an earlier trap set by the militia. Besieged, they try to dig a tunnel to escape, while the sniper rifle Nora stole keeps the militia at bay, but the tunnel finally collapses. They capture the militia's commander, Jeremy, to use as leverage, but Jeremy tells the rebels that his troops are under orders not to deal for him because of Miles' presence, and then, realizing that the others didn't know Miles' history, tells them that Miles was the founder and former commanding general of the Monroe Militia. Miles gives himself up to Jeremy in exchange for the militia allowing Charlie, Nora and the others to get away, but Charlie and Nora later ambush the Militia on a bridge to rescue Miles. Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie go in search of the address that Ben gave Aaron, which turns out to be Grace's, but find her house empty. Aaron finds it strange that she still had a computer, but he can't make it work. Later, the pendant powers up unexpectedly, making Grace's CD player and Maggie's iPhone work for a moment, but then everything goes dark again. Finally, Danny gets physically abused by a soldier bent on revenge, but manages to even things out.

Flashbacks: Some months after the blackout, Miles and Monroe go AWOL in search of Miles' family. While on the road, they find a couple who have been killed and some time later they come across a group of men who are attacking a man. Miles realizes they're the same men who killed the couple and kills them, much to Monroe's shock. The man they rescued is Jeremy.

Tropes (See Your Mileage May Vary items here):

  • We Have Reserves: The militia captain attacking the totally not an Applebees is rather unconcerned about the high-powered, advanced sniper rifle the rebels have on the roof. He reasons that bullets are rare and they'll eventually run out. "Send another man."