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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 2 Chained Heat

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Directed by Charles Beeson
Written by Eric Kripke

Charlie, Miles, Aaron and Maggie continue to travel together looking for a way to find Danny. Miles insists that the group also needs his friend Nora, who they find has been captured by the militia. Charlie discovers Nate following her, captures him, and leaves him chained to a pole. Charlie and Miles split up to rescue Nora, and Aaron shows Maggie the locket that Ben gave him. Danny continues his journey with the militia and is forced to watch as they execute a man for owning a gun and an American flag. Monroe tortures a member of a rebel group that are trying to bring back the United States. Nora escapes with Miles and Charlie and they find out that she had been captured deliberately to steal a sniper rifle that the militia had. They return to take the rifle and rescue the slaves she was held with, forcing Charlie to make her first kill. Nora tells Miles, much to his displeasure, that she has joined the resistance, who are trying to restore the United States. Meanwhile, a man stealthily shows up at Grace's house wearing a necklace just like hers, and Grace sends a frantic online message as she saw him that "Randall" was there. At the end, it is revealed that Gen. Monroe has been holding an uncooperative Rachel prisoner for years.

Flashbacks: Rachel killed a man who was trying to steal the family's food while Ben was getting his work from the University of Chicago on their way out of the city.

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