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Recap / Radio City 2112

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Day Zero

The narrative of day zero began late in the evening, long after most of Radio City's citizens had gone home from work, with the full moon shining in the night sky. There were break-ins at two major museums, with heroes managing to prevent the robbery of the Hand of Phexus at the City Museum, while Vigil's costume was stolen from the Tal Museum. At the town hall, several supervillains interrupted the Mayor's speech, creating chaos and taking out a police helicopter. A charity gala hosted in one of the city's many skyscrapers was also the target of a robbery, where a few villains made off with the bounty collected from the wealthy attendants.

  • City Museum: The Hand of Phexus was on display at the City Museum, being guarded by Stalwart on the night shift, and with Doc Dandy outside patrolling the rooftops. Corvus and his goons - Hex and the four thugs - broke down the door to get in. At the same time, Robin broke down a wall to get in. Doc Dandy went inside, and in the fight was able to convince Robin that she did not have to resort to a life of crime, and the two fended off Hex, who had split up from her boss when Stalwart attacked Corvus.
    The loud noise from the wall and door breaking caused Camelia, Waltazar, and Tongu the walrus, who were talking outside near a dumpster, to come inside and investigate. Walt saw Corvus and Stalwart arguing, with the walrusmaster mistaking Corvus for a penguinman, became enraged and attacked him, only to realize he was a birdman, and apologized by giving him part of a fish. Doc Dandy chose to attack Corvus with fire, but Tongu put out the flames on his new friend. This, in turn, caused Camellia to become enraged, attacking Doc Dandy for a while.
    Visionary chose to join in by charging in and making a speech, only to find the other villains had fled in the chaos, and was completely outnumbered. Additionally, Doc Dandy had grabbed the hand after preventing Hex from obtaining it, and was in a superpowered state that boosted his powers. However, Visionary managed to escape as The Asclepian dropped a chandelier, letting him, and his Naughty Nurses leave as well. With the situation resolved, Doc Dandy fell down, dead tired after being overcome by the hand. At which point Tongu ate the hand, thinking it was a relic of his people. When Stalwart demanded Walt make Tongu give it up, the Walrusmaster, aided by the infinite energy dwelling in the walrus, teleported the animal back home.
    The police arrived, taking the heroes downtown for statements. Robin chose to enlist in LEASH, while while Walt brought Tongu back, learned the Hand was not theirs, and returned it to the police.
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  • The Gala: Psion initiated a robbery of the socialites in the Gala, taking a young woman hostage and starting to collect valuables and money transfers. At the same time, Mandora, who had snuck in initially disguised as a cocktail waiter and had to go change, charged out of the kitchen door, only to realize he wasn't the first one there. Dragon Breath was also there, attracted to the commotion created by the two villains. He burned some of the building and antagonized Kite for a while before leaving. After a bit of discussion, the two teamed up and continued the robbery until Kite, Wolfhound, and Angel tried to stop them. The two escaped, but Mandora's hovercar was badly damaged in the aftermath.
  • Tal Museum: Luminous broke in to the poorly-guarded Tal Museum to steal Vigil's pants, and in boredom, triggered the alarm. With many of the city's heroes at the other museum, only Andromeda and Danmaku were there to fight him. After a brief battle, Luminous ducked into a sewer as an illusion of him drove off in a car.
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  • Town Hall: Detectives Fairchild and Nugnon were assigned as the Mayor's bodyguards while he delivered a speech. Daisy showed up with the Wraith, starting to steal the valuables from the crowd as she held Sophie hostage. The detectives fought off the girl and the Wraith, prompting her to escape in her limo. Fairchild pursued her, calling in a helicopter for support. Tiger King and War, seeing the chaos, jumped in, preventing Grog from joining his partner, with Upload coming in to assist. After a lengthy brawl resulting in Daisy escaping with several injuries with the help of Dragon Breath, an exploding limo, and an exploding helicopter, Fairchild returned to town hall to aid Grog and Upload, but the attackers fled before they could be booked.

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