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Recap / Power Rangers Dino Supercharge S2E6 Forged Under Fire

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Tyler and his dad James are busy catching up on lost time, with the latter wanting to go exploring with his son. He heads down into the command center and meets the other rangers, but makes a few errors. First he believes that Koda studied art at the university to make his cave drawings authentic (no, he is an actual caveman), then he believes Ivan's sword is a replica (no, it was given to him by King George), and last but not least he laughs at the idea of the next one being the Prince of Zandar (Prince Philip III, to be precise). As Kendall fills James in on the different facets of the rangers and the Energems, he slowly realizes that it is all real, good and bad. He recounts the tale of how he bonded to the Aqua Energem, after saving Rusty from the cave in, he saw the Energem in an Ankylosaurus fossil. As it turned out, Fury was in the same tunnel, having been able to 'sniff out' the Energem's location.


In the meantime, Singe's plan is being unveiled to Heckyl; he has acquired a powerful artefact known as the Zoltac Rings, capable of neutralizing any power it surrounds. He plans on surrounding the Energems with the rings, rendering the rangers helpless. Fury points out that they want to steal the Energems, not nullify them. While he doesn't like it, Heckyl notes that Fury makes a good point, and sends Singe off. He and Hunter wait for the rangers in the plaza. Since Philip and James' Energems are being modulated for the Supercharge Morpher, they are unable to fight at this time, so the rangers go off without them. Hunter is unable to keep up with the six, so Fury decides to surprise attack them, to Singe's chagrin; since he wanted to have Hunter distract the rangers so he could use his rings on them. Out of spite, he fires the rings at Fury, negating some of his power. Fury uses the Magnabeam to grow and blindside the rangers while Hunter hits them with a few more scattershots. Tyler tells the others to use the Megazord against Fury, while he Supercharges against Hunter. With the others busy, Singe siezes the moment, firing a ring at Tyler and negating his Supercharge Mode. The Megazord is able to revert Fury to normal, and the others go to aid Tyler. As Hunter and Singe retreat to the warehouse, Tyler informs the others about the rings. Unfortunately, they are caught in the trap and their Energems are locked by the rings, preventing them from morphing. With the rangers defenseless, all seems lost until James and Philip rescue the six.


As Kendall analyses the rings, she finds that the only way to eliminate them is with a surge of power, but when she uses the Transmodulator on the Red Energem, the ring is destroyed, but the Energem is cracked. Keeper warns that if the damage is not fixed, it could be irreversible and the powers it contains could be compromised. James realizes that a cave system with an open lava stream has enough heat and pressure to fix the Energem. Unfortunately, the lava on the surface is just not hot enough, and seems to damage the Energem even more. Tyler suggests going deeper towards the mantle, in order to find the necessary heat and pressure. While James is shocked, Tyler reassures him he will be safe in his suit, and initiates Armor X.

Singe and Hunter meanwhile head into the quarry to lure the rangers out. Since the core group cannot morph, Kendall, Philip and James head out to fight the monsters on their own, but Singe's might is too powerful for them to handle. Shelby and the others decide that they will join the fight, powers or not, but are outmatched by Hunter, even five on one. Tyler uses every ounce of his endurance to get to a hot enough area to heal his Energem, and is able to succeed. He joins the fray and initiates Supercharge Mode, a blast from his Supercharge Morpher successfully destroying the Zoltac Controller on Singe's wrist. With the rings gone, the others morph and finish Hunter off with a combination attack pooling their Energem power to bolster Ivan's strike. Tyler meanwhile activates the Enhanced mode on his Supercharge Mode, summoning miniature zord formations akin to the megazord. The ensuing rapid change in weaponry means Singe cannot keep up and he is swiftly defeated, but not destroyed.


Heckyl reprimands Singe and Fury for their infighting, and locks them in a cell until they learn to work as a team. James tells Tyler that his skills are going to be of much better use in locating the missing Energem.


  • A Day in the Limelight: Kendall, James and Philip all get to battle on their own, due to the core group being unable to morph.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Chase notes that James and Tyler look more like brothers than father and son, given that Tyler is 18 and James is in his mid 30s, and found the Aqua Energem a decade ago. Their respective actors are both in their late 20s, with Reuben Turner being 2 years older than Brennan Mejia.
    • Riley notes the sheer impossibility of Tyler being able to survive close to the mantle. This is handwaved by the suit protecting him, but still...
  • Mythology Gag: Two, first is when Tyler remarks that the new configurations for Supercharge Mode are "Morphenomenal", and the second is when Singe tells him in the same fight he looks like a carnival, a nod to the sentai's version, which was called Carnival Mode.
  • Oh, Crap!: Fury and Singe have a minor one at the end of the episode when Heckyl confronts the two on their bickering and proceeds to lock them in a cell together.
  • Stock Footage Failure: Arguably a huge one. The T-Rex Zord needs to shrink down in size in order for Tyler to access T-Rex Supercharge mode, however Tyler activates the mode while the other five Rangers fight Fury with Dino Charge Megazord.

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