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Recap / Mia And Me S 1 E 4 Trumptus Lost

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Mia has started telling Vincent more about her book. As Vincent asks more questions, Violetta and her girl posse show up. Violetta questions why Mia carries her book around everywhere, and tries to take a look. Before she can get to the page where the newest runes have appeared, Vincent takes the book back. Mia is somewhat irritated, feeling that Vincent's well-intentioned attempt to help her keep her secret has only made Violetta more suspicious. Mia goes off to check the new runes alone, and is rather concerned after reading the new riddle.


Mia lands in a darker part of Centopia that is partially covered in green fog, where she finds Lyria being chased by some dark elves. Yuko is in the meantime dealing with a group of dark elves led by Gargona, and manages to hold her own until Mo arrives and takes down the dark elves accompanying Gargona with the trumptus. Once Gargona retreats, Mo and Yuko go off to find Mia, receiving her signal from their friendship rings. Mia collapses from the green fog, but is saved by Lyria. The two of them try to make it out of the dark elves' territory, but a dark elf notices them. Yuko and Mo come to the rescue, but accidentally drop the trumptus. After Mia tells them about the riddle, they realize they've left the trumptus behind and are forced to return to the area with the green fog.

They attempt to retrieve it, only for Gargona to come across them. With the green fog incapacitating Mia and her friends, Gargona is able to get hold of the trumptus and capture Mia, Yuko and Mo. Panthea is pleased with Gargona's accomplishment, and breaks the trumptus. She then has her minions take the pieces of the trumptus, and spread them across Centopia. Mia manages to free Yuko and Mo, before returning to her own world.


After returning from Centopia, Mia goes to see Vincent, forgiving him for what happened earlier, since everyone does mess up sometimes.


  • The Bad Guy Wins: Panthea manages to destroy the trumptus.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: Panthea breaks the trumptus into pieces, and has her minions spread them all across Centopia.
  • Fog of Doom: The green fog doesn't do anything to the dark elves, but it can easily incapacitate a regular Centopian elf.
  • Secret Keeper: Mia has started telling Vincent more about her book.