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Recap / Marvels Spider Man S 2 E 24 Goblin War Part 2

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With the Goblin Nation's leader now identified as the Goblin King, the heroes try to find out who he is.


  • Cassandra Truth: Spider-Girl and Ghost Spider don't believe Doctor Octopus' claim that he's helping Spider-Man now.
  • Foreshadowing: The fact that the Goblin King's voice sounds different and how he doesn't react to Harry calling him "dad" are hints that it's not Norman Osborn.
  • Internal Reveal: Spider-Girl and Ghost Spider now know Doctor Octopus woke up from his coma.
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  • The Reveal: The Goblin King is the Vulture.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: After everything Doctor Octopus did, it's no wonder Spider-Girl and Ghost Spider won't take his word when he says he's on their side, and that Harry Osborn doesn't trust him either.

Alternative Title(s): Marvels Spider Man S 2 E 23 Goblin War Part 2


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