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Recap / Marvels Spider Man S 2 E 23 Goblin War Part 1

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Spider-Man teams up with Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider and Doc Ock to track down a new threat – the mysterious Goblin Nation.


  • The Bus Came Back:
    • After being Put on a Bus for the first half of the season, Harry finally returns in this episode.
    • Alistair Smythe also returns, having taken over Peter's lab at Horizon High and joined the Goblin Nation.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Since Gwen and Anya are Locked Out of the Loop on Spider-Man's identity and Doc Ock's hijacking of his body, plus "Peter's" recent erratic behavior and snooping around Horizon High, it leads them to the belief that Peter Parker is one of the Goblins.
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  • Was Too Hard on Him: Shortly after Peter walks away, the expression on Max's face can be seen softening a bit, implying that he may have gone a bit too far in sending him away.

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