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Recap / Kamen Rider Decade Ep 15 Here Comes Super Momotaros

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After getting on the Den Liner, Tsukasa takes pictures of the Den Liner's gang before the Taros. But after Kohana sets the three Imagin in their place, they suddently find the Hikari Studio as the front car. Kohana explains to Natsumi about the Imagin's new attack pattern as well as Momotaros, who Tsukasa decides to find. After surviving his confrontation with Diend and taking out another Mole Imagin, M-Yuusuke tends to his injuries as Tsukasa finds him and scolds him for being an idiot. M-Yuusuke senses the Imagin boss, and he and Tsukasa chase after the Alligator Imagin until he reveals himself. Using the Mole Imagin to cover his escape into the past, the Alligator Imagin battles Den-O and Decade, using the former's own Den Gasher against him. After Decade saves Den-O's life and attempt, Diend makes his presence known with his Riotroopers holding the Alligator Imagin at bay as he once more offers Momotaros a physical form as a Den Liner. But Decade takes the card, poorly defending Momotaros and giving him back his sense of self as he regains access to Den-O's powers. As the Alligator Imagin destroys the Riotroopers, Decade uses the modified Den-O Final Form card to give Momotaros back his original physical form. After a misunderstanding from Yuusuke, Decade gives Momotaros the power to execute his Decade Version Extreme Slash with Kuuga Gouram. As Momotaros returns to the Den Liner, only to receive a violent welcome back from the gang, Tsukasa and company were about to enter the World of Kabuto when they get an unexpected visit from the Imagin Sieg. With a manuscript on Sieg's person, it appears that the adventures in the World of Den-O are far from over.



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