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Galadhar comes back to the crew with bad news: Cucuroux and Camieux's mother is suddenly threatening to divorce her husband. Alarmed by this, the crew races back to Valtz to diffuse the situation. As it turns out, the Miners' Association had increased its prices on their metals, leading to the Smiths' Guild to establish a new alloy foundry in Valtz. But because the Smiths' Guild all have their hands full on their own workshops, no one is left to take command of the foundry. All, except for one person, Uncle Dan.


Seeing Cucuroux's uncle's potential, Papa Gunsmith suggested that he leads the new alloy foundry, but Mama Gunsmith is adamant in not letting him as she only sees his brother as an irresponsible fool. Not helping the situation is Uncle Dan's own admittance of not being able to help out. The crew eventually persuades both of them by helping out in the foundry's operations, with the reluctant Uncle Dan leading them.



  • A Day in the Limelight: The event focuses on Cucuroux, Camieux and their family, as well as honorary family member, Silva, and Galadar, their associate.
  • And Your Reward Is Interior Decorating: Players were awarded with foundry points upon finishing raids, which allows them to buy and furnish the foundry, in addition to other in-game items.
  • Character Development: Uncle Dan, big time. He went from doubting his abilities, to actually taking the initiative to negotiate with the smaller companies within the Miners' Association. It helps seeing the gunsmith sisters working hard, and a very convincing "talk" with Silva.
    • A minor one, but Camieux no longer quivers in fear like she used to when you first recruit her. This fact also helped in Uncle Dan's own character development.
  • Continuity Nod: The reason why the Miners' Association price hike happened in the first place was due to the events that transpired during The Inner Light, which led to Epice's closure of mining operations in Sidheros Island.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The head of the Miners' Association's radical faction got humiliated big time due to the Cockeyed Man's being detained for the second time, as well as being visited by Tweyen of the Eternals. On the opposite end of karma, the two lackeys who had a Heel–Face Turn and helped capture the Cockeyed Man were hired on the spot by Uncle Dan as their new bodyguards.
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  • Not What I Signed on For: The Miners' Association sent some goons to take down operations from the alloy foundry, which included extortion. But when the Cockeyed Man decided to burn the foundry down despite knowing two young girls are still in it, at least two of his lackeys would have none of it, left them, and even pulled a Heel–Face Turn in later chapters.

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