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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 21 Destruction

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Joshua Doors is appointed the Secretary of Human-Taelon Relations and expresses a romantic interest in Lili, while also expressing an adversarial relationship with the Taelons. Lili is reluctant to get involved with him. Joshua demands an audience with Quo'on and is taken to the mothership. He wants to know the details on the bacterium released by the probe. The Taelons continue studying the probe at a lab in Russia. Rayna's digitized personality contacts Augur and tells him that the Taelons are close to be able to read the probe's data, which also contains the location of the Resistance base and the proof that Boone and Lili are members of the Resistance. She begs Augur to destroy the probe to save the Resistance and to end her suffering. Augur brings in an acquaintance of his named Michael Sloane, who is an expert in breaking into places. Rayna contacts Sahjit just as Kee'sha is downloading the data from the probe. With Sahjit's help, she is able to activate the probe's defense systems and kills Kee'sha. Zo'or demands that the Synod authorize an attack on the Resistance. Boone, Lili, Sahjit, and Sloane head to the lab in Russia. They manage to break in, and Sahjit uploads a program in the probe to create a new Rayna replicant, this time with her full personality. He then initiates the probe's self-destruct. During the retreat, Sahjit is shot and dies on the flight back. Lili decides to give Joshua a chance. Zo'or decides to eliminate him, and Sandoval approaches Sloane for the job.


  • Berserk Button: Lili nearly snaps after hearing that Sloane sold his Medal of Honor. She mellows out after Augur explains that Sloane financed the memorial to his unit using the money from the sale.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Rayna is back (sort of) and the probe is destroyed, but Sahjit is dead.
  • Character Death: Sahjit is killed near the end of the episode. Kee'sha is killed earlier by Rayna.
  • Deflector Shield: The lab is protected by a virtual glass dome, which is basically a shield. Sloane uses a resonance device to open a "seam" in the dome.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: The probe is able to emit a deadly beam that can easily slice or punch through a thick target. Rayna uses it to kill Kee'sha.
  • Gratuitous Russian: The Russian lab is full of signs in Russian. Surprisingly, most of them are pretty accurate.
  • It's a Small World After All: Augur recruits Sloane for the mission. At the end of the episode, Sandoval approaches Sloane to hire him to kill Joshua Doors.
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  • Sore Loser: Zig-zagged. After Sloane beats a club regular at a cowboy-themed laser tag competition, her friend slips a device in his pocket and then claims Sloane cheated. During the resulting bar fight, the loser gives him his winnings and tells him "call me". He responds with a kiss, and she doesn't mind at all. They're shown having drinks at the end.
  • What an Idiot!: Sloane thinks it's an awesome idea to hide behind fuel tanks while guards are shooting at him.


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