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Recap / Doctor Who New Adventures Timewyrm Apocalypse

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The third novel in the Doctor Who New Adventures range. On an alien planet, the Second Doctor wanders around, searching for Polly, who has stormed out the TARDIS due to an argument with Ben. He mends the broken doll of a little girl by the name of Lilith, who points him in the direction of Polly, whom the Doctor proceeds to recover.

Five thousand years later, The Seventh Doctor and Ace have been tracking the Timewyrm across time, and their search has brought them to Kirith, one of the few planets remaining at the end of the Universe. There live the Kirithons, a genetically perfect race governed by the mysterious Panjistri. Saving a young man from drowning in a storm, the two time travellers ingratiate themselves to the Kirithons' hospitality, but discover that this perfect society is not all it seems...




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