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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 28 Enemy Or Ally The Legendary Tamer Ryou Akiyama

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Hirokazu and Kenta, waiting where they first arrived in the Digital World, wonder where Takato and the others are, and Ruki and Renamon decide to go off to look around with orders to Hirokazu and Kenta to stay there. Meanwhile, Takato’s group decides to return to the place where they initially arrived in the Digital World to find them...but upon arriving find that Hirokazu and Kenta have disobeyed orders and gone off. Guilmon senses Renamon nearby, and they follow the scent in the hopes of finding her and Ruki.


Hirokazu and Kenta find Ruki and Renamon, having felt nervous after being left alone. They decide to return to the meeting point...only to find another light approaching them and sending them to another location. They find themselves in a strange place full of gears, and an irritated Ruki loses it at being stuck with Hirokazu and Kenta.

The group explores the area to find a bunch of strange clocks going haywire, and Ruki manages to fix one - to the displeasure of a nearby Clockmon and Hagurumon, who explain that horrible things will happen. Indeed, the gears stop, and a hostile Megadramon emerges from the ground. Renamon goes to attack, declaring Ruki to be her Tamer, and Hagurumon and Clockmon are shocked to see a Digimon that’s been to the real world. They warn her that Megadramon will probably try to defeat her to load her data, as local rumors say that loading the data of a Digimon with a Tamer will send them to the real world.


Ruki and Renamon decide that this won’t happen, and Ruki evolves Renamon via Option Card. Clockmon and Hagurumon are awed by Ruki having Renamon evolve, and decide that they want to evolve too. However, Megidramon manages to heavily wound Hagurumon and throw off Kyuubimon. They’re suddenly saved by a Cyberdramon, who’s eager to fight him in the hopes that Megidramon is “his enemy”.

Cyberdramon manages to gravely wound Megidramon, and is called back by a Tamer — a young boy named Ryounote , whose presence seems to startle Ruki. Cyberdramon continues to insist on fighting Megidramon against Ryou’s orders, forcing Ryou to use his Digivice to generate a whip that keeps Cyberdramon under control. Ryou tells Cyberdramon that Megidramon isn’t the enemy that he’s looking for.

Ryou introduces himself to the group and patches up Hagurumon, while Ruki seems to be irritated with him. He stops the clock, causing the gears to turn again, and sends Clockmon and Hagurumon home with the assurance that someday they’ll be strong enough to go to the real world themselves. Hirokazu and Kenta recognize Ryou as Ryou Akiyama, the legendary Tamer. Ryou, meanwhile, is happy to find other human children in the Digital World.


Takato’s group finds a cave, and decides to look for the others there. They’re led to a dead end, where Guilmon no longer finds Renamon’s scent. Takato tells Juri that he’s sorry for bringing her to a place like this, but Juri is happy to be there as Leomon’s Tamer. They enter a strange cube to see if there’s anything about it, only for it to suddenly close up and transport them somewhere.

Makuramon and the dragon Deva search for Culumon, fearing their god’s wrath. Culumon finds Takato’s Digimon Tamers flag and, sure that he’ll find Guilmon with it, pulls it out.

Hirokazu and Kenta explain their situation to Ryou. Ryou asks what month it is, and, upon finding that it’s October, realizes that he’s been in the Digital World for ten months. Hirokazu and Kenta are surprised to find that he’s been wandering this world by himself for ten months, and Ryou explains that it’s because Cyberdramon is hard to control and has to be kept from the real world. Ruki still seems to be irritated at Ryou’s presence, and Hirokazu reasons it must be because Ryou was the winner of the card tournament that Ruki took second place in, and that Ruki only became the “Digimon Queen” after Ryou mysteriously disappeared from the real world.

Hirokazu continues to rub it in that Ruki was always second to Ryou, irritating her greatly. Ruki claims that she doesn’t remember Ryou at all, while Ryou tries to recall his battle with her. Ryou offers to lead them out of the area, wanting to get moving himself, but Ruki decides to disregard his advice and leave with Kyuubimon. Ryou worries that they might soon get in trouble for wandering off like that.



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