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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 14 Tamer Stands Megalo Growmon Super Evolution

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Culumon runs away from Impmon, but they’re both soon distracted by the large appearing presence. Ruki, Renamon, Jian, and Terriermon catch notice as well, and Takato and Guilmon run towards it. However, they run into Yamaki, and as various Digimon approach the formation in the sky, Guilmon feels that something is wrong. Takato watches as Digimon get sucked into the vortex and dissolve, and Yamaki says that he’s deleting all “foreign elements” from this world. He then tells Takato that Guilmon isn’t his friend but an “annoying artificial creation”, and walks off before Takato can protest at him that Digimon are friends.


Unexpectedly for Yamaki, a large Digimon Realizes in Shaggai’s hole, and a voice plays over the local electronics saying that they follow their own god and that the humans that created them are only tools for evolution - and that Yamaki was helpful to them by opening the gate for them. Yamaki, incensed that he’s helped the very creatures he hates, walks by Jian while storming off and, seeing him with Terriermon, attempts to strangle him on impulse. After seeing Terriermon stare at him, he throws Jian down and storms off. Ruki arrives with Renamon, and Yamaki yells that they’re the ones who are disrupting the balance of the world.

Renamon goes into the Digital Field to find the Digimon, while Jian has Takato hold Guilmon back so that they can see what’ll happen for now. Ruki tries to use her Digivice to analyze the Digimon, but it’s unable to give her any data on it. As Ruki goes in to help Renamon, Takato tosses her the evolution card, and Ruki uses it to have Renamon evolve to Kyuubimon.


The large Digimon ends up sending Kyuubimon flying, and Kyuubimon reverts to Renamon. Jian sends Terriermon in, using an evolution card to have him evolve to Galgomon. Ruki tends to Renamon, who tells her that the Digimon is strong and could be a Perfectnote  or even Ultimatenote  level Digimon.

Galgomon continues to fight off the Digimon, but Jian is unsure what Option Cards to use since he doesn’t have any data on the enemy. Unfortunately, Galgomon runs out of ammo for his guns, and the Digimon tosses him off a building and causes him to revert to Terriermon. Guilmon decides to go in and Takato has him evolve to Growmon, but Takato is nervous after seeing what had just happened. Terriermon tells Jian that the enemy stops before a second every time he’s about to attack, and Takato uses the information to command Growmon to attack at the right time. This gives Growmon a hit, but the Digimon bites Growmon, and information on the Digimon finally appears on Takato’s Digivice: his name is Mihiramon, and he’s a Perfect-level Digimon.


Meanwhile, at their base in the playground, Kenta asks Hirokazu if he’s jealous of Takato. Hirokazu claims that he’s not, but he and Kenta soon see the mysterious events taking place in the sky, while Juri approaches the crowd to watch.

Takato finds himself in a mental realm, where Growmon urges him to let him keep fighting. Takato recognizes this as his responsibility as a Tamer, but expresses frustration that he’s too much of a coward and hasn’t grown, blaming himself for Growmon getting hurt. He says that he’ll fight together with Growmon, and when he snaps back to reality, he finds himself face-to-face with Culumon and the others telling him that he fainted. Takato watches as the government helicopters try to shoot down Mihiramon to no avail.

Takato refuses to give up, and one of his Option Cards transforms into a blue card not unlike the ones that had created the Digivices. Takato slashes the blue card, which causes the triangle on Culumon’s forehead to glow and Growmon to matrix evolvenote  to MegaloGrowmonnote . Mihiramon is aghast at Growlmon evolving, despite being merely a partner to a human, and Takato begins to feel any damage MegaloGrowmon takes. Takato declares that he won’t give up because he’s MegaloGrowmon’s Tamer, and MegaloGrowmon manages to defeat Mihiramon.

As he flies over the scene in a helicopter, Yamaki is upset by the fact that he brought Mihiramon to this world and that Mihiramon was defeated by “a bunch of children playing games”. Juri approaches Hirokazu and Kenta to find them excited by the battle, the fact that Guilmon evolved, and the fact that Takato is fighting with him. Juri is happy to see that Takato and Guilmon are okay, and MegaloGrowmon thanks Takato for fighting with him.


  • Bowdlerise: The specific shot of Yamaki throttling Jian is cut from the dub, and we only get to see him hoisting Henry up by the collar.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Galgomon realizes he's out of ammo, and Mihiramon is right upon him.
  • Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh...: Kyuubimon hit Mihiramon with her Dragon Wheel attack. Not only does it not affect him in the slightest, he plows through the attack and one-hit K.O.s Kyuubimon off the building.

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