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Recap / Degrassi S 4 E 17 Queen Of Hearts

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Laying out another lie,
thinking 'bout a life of crime
That's what I'll have to do
to keep me away from you
Juice Newton, Queen of Hearts

A Plot

Ellie is living alone in Sean's former pad and struggling to come up with rent. Sean pretty much took care of that part, but Ellie is lost without him. And her poor ferret accidentally kills itself chewing on an electric cord. The situation is bad, but to Ellie, anything beats living with her mother. She only goes to dinner with her in order to get rent money. Ellie's mom has been clean since rehab, but Ellie does not trust her at all. In fact, she tells her she doesn't need her money. Marco invites her to play cards with Dylan's hockey team in order to earn money. He teaches her the basics of the game and Alex helps her out some more, especially with the gambling part. At the gambling party at Ellie's, Alex persuades Ellie to gamble with some of her rent money. They play with Dylan's team and they play well. Ellie asks Alex to move in with her, but Alex declines and reminds Ellie just how good she has it with a mom who is doing everything to please her. Ellie finally finds it in her heart to forgive her mother and moves back in with her.

B Plot

Paige and Matt (that's Mr. Oleander) are going out, but they find it hard to meet up privately. Paige wants to go spend time in his apartment, but Matt is hesitant to let her come there. Manny puts the suggestion in her head that Matt is cheating on her. And then Matt is not answering his phone. Paige goes to confront Matt his place, and pushes him see a ratty ol' apartment. And his phone services was cut. Matt was embarrassed to show her his apartment, but Paige is okay with his place and continuing the relationship.

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