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Recap / Degrassi S 4 E 18 Modern Love

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There's no sign of life
It's just the power to charm
I'm lying in the rain
But I never wave bye-bye

A Plot

Paige and Matt are happily going out and they even have a picnic in the park — and are nearly caught by Mr. Simpson. It's hard for the two of them to go out in public, as Bark at the Moon showed. Paige has been also skipping Spirit Squad practice in order to spend more time with Matt, something that's chafing the team. Hazel is wondering what is up, and Manny tells her she's been seeing Mr. Oleander. Hazel is mad that Paige never told her about the relationship; Paige thinks she's "secrecy-challenged." Hazel nearly calls out Matt's relationship with Paige in the middle of media immersion. Paige is angry with Manny for telling Hazel and confronts Manny in the hallway. Manny is angry with Paige for skipping out on practice. The two exchange words in the hallway, and get into a Cat Fight. Ms. Hatzilakos breaks up the fight and Manny calls out Matt for dating Paige in from of the crowd and the principal. Paige and Matt are summoned to the principal's office to give details on their situation. Matt tells Ms. Hatzilakos that Paige was pretty much a Stalker with a Crush, to which Paige is shocked. There's a meeting the next day to discuss the siuation and get to the bottom of it.

Paige goes to Matt's tiny apartment and is livid. Matt explains he had to lie to protect his job and possibly start the relationship later but Paige is not hearing it. Despite Alex, Marco, and Dylan's anger at Mr. Oleander, Paige is still in love with Matt and decides to put her school career on the line for him. At the meeting the next morning, Paige explains that she was the one that was inappropriate with Matt. Snake doesn't buy what she's selling and confronts her on what he's seen so far. Matt, who can't stand seeing Paige being badgered, admits he's been seeing her outside of school. He gets kicked out of teacher's college, but he says it's worth it to stay with Paige. And the good thing that has come out of this is that she and Matt can now go out in public and be together.


B Plot

Emma is still dealing with her reputation as the ravine queen. Chris gets in some good Take Thats in media immersion about her extracurricular activities. She's upset and Manny, Chantay and Darcy decide to have a girls-only spa weekend. But the four of them are also into Emma's new next door neighbor - Chester. And his two older brothers, Chuck and Chad. They get into a tie-dye water fighter and the girls plot revenge. They decide to decorate the tree outside his house in feminine producers and when Emma goes to put the tampon star on top, she's caught by the police. She only gets a warning, but she's still intrigued by Chester — and he is never seen again.

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