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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 21 Purple Pills

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Pop pills
Pills I pop
Pop two pills
On stilts I walk
Snort two lines that were filled with chalk
Thought it was Incredible I killed the Hulk
I wanna roll away
Like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days
And when I'm old and gray
D12, Purple Pills

A Plot

Holly J is planning for the winter dance, and Fiona is offering her party expertise. She's out having a good time with Holly J — until she sees her mom and her family lawyer in her apartment. The charges against Bobby are going ahead, and Fiona is expected to give testimony. She sees Bobby's depositions detailing their relationship — Bobby describes Fiona as unhinged and out of control. Fiona is talking with her therapist and her therapist recommends some anti-anxiety medication. Fiona is upset — taking meds would certain reaffirm in her mind she is crazy. After her therapist leaves, Fiona throws away the prescription she wrote — and decides to take some medicine of her own choosing.

At the student council meeting, Fiona comes up with the perfect dance theme - a high class gambling casino night. She feels pretty good about herself until later that night, she preps with her mom and lawyer on the testimony. While recounting her abuse, she is completely anxious especially when the lawyer asks about psychiatric help. Fiona is overwhelmed, and as she stands up she's shaken and knocks over a lamp. The next day, Holly J sees that Fiona hasn't filled her subscription. Fiona claims she doesn't need it. And the girls have other worries — Snake is worried the dance isn't parent-friendly and won't please the PTA. Fiona and Holly J have to plead their case in front of the PTA, but unfortunately Holly J can't be there. Fiona offers to lead the off the appeal to which Holly J agrees.


At home, Fiona is completely anxious and nervous and can't focus. She has the dance and the trial on her mind. She decides to drink some wine in order to calm her nerves. At the PTA meeting, Fiona shows up all charming and completely sloshed. She even shows off her revealing cocktail dress. The parents are shocked, and Holly J rushes in just in time to save the presentation. After the presentation, Holly J confronts her on her drinking and Fiona is too drunk to really listen to her. She tells her that she is barely holding on. But it turns out Holly J saved the dance anyway and Fiona's not going to stop drinking.


B Plot

Adam is planning a guys night with Eli but unfortunately he has to study. And Drew is busy as well — with Alli. However, the next day Adam runs into them at The Dot, not studying — and with Clare. Pissed that Eli lied to him, he confronts him and walks away feeling like a third wheel. He ignores Eli and Clare in lunch at school, and actually finds a place to sit down with. He sits with Fitz with all people. Fitz is actually understanding and they both ridicule Eli's Emo Teen-ness. Eli apologizes to Adam about bailing on guys night, but he can't hang with him later tonight due to Clare. Adam is annoyed and Eli tells him to stop being a girl. Adam is rightfully offended, and Eli tells him that he can't find a friend in Fitz no matter how hard he tries.

C Plot

Riley is giddy about being with Zane again, but there's the issue of his being out at school. Riley figures he just won't confirm or deny he's gay until football season is over. But he also needs to show Zane that he and him are real. Anya gives the suggestion that they both can be the dance's King...and King. The next day, Zane comes up to Riley and sees that he and Zane are in the running from Dance Couple. Riley is hyperventilating that's he now out at school and is worries how the team will react. Before the game, the gossip is spreading and a team member confronts Riley and asks him flat out if he's gay — to which Riley says yes. But it turns out the team is okay with it and Riley leads them to victory. Coach Armstrong is impressed, and after the game introduces Riley to Coach Barnes, a college football scout at Eastern University — a tier 1 school. Riley is ecstastic until he realizes that the college atmosphere probably won't be as accepting.

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