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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 4 E 25 Our Solemn Hour Part 2

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Continued from Our Solemn Hour Pt. 1.

A boy enters the room Calvin and Hobbes were in- the same boy from The Tale of Socrates. It turns out, he's a robot built by Retro. The reason Socrates couldn't prank him was because he was programmed to avoid all kinds of danger or attacks. He's there to prevent the group from getting out of the walls. They can't get past him, so they try to puzzle out his weakness. The MTM figures out that his game boy is actually his power source, and removing it would cause him to shut down. Hobbes distracts the boy with a pounce and the MTM blasts the gameboy out of his hand. The boy shuts down.


But before they exit the room, Calvin notes that just going out seems too simple, and probably isn't the correct way. He's right- the real way out is through the closet. There's a corridor behind there, and the gang walk through it. It leads to a set of train tracks over lava. There's a mine cart over it. They get in because they really don't have any other choice, and the cart takes them for a roller coaster ride. Calvin uses his transmogrifier gun (which he kept in his hair) to switch tracks, they avoid a giant rock (although not before another use of the "Duck!" "Where?" joke), and finally, they have to choose between a boring stretch of track and one with flesh-eating zombies (Calvin, naturally, chooses the zombies).

The track ends, and they get off the mine cart. They end up in a room with rock towers of varying heights and an exit in the ceiling. They're not sure how to get to it, but they're distracted by that by the rising water level in the room. They deduce that the water is the way they're supposed to reach the top, but the water has stopped short, and they need to raise the level higher. It turns out that on the tops of the towers are buttons that raise and sink the water level. They use those to reach the exit.


In the next room, they solve a puzzle involving different-colored jewels to get through another corridor, which leads into a room with a crowd of pirates. They fight through the pirates to reach the exit on the other side, and reach a room that is... nothing. They can walk on it perfectly fine, and run through it until they find something. That something is a door, and they go through it to find a small room. There's a button inside, which they press.

At first it doesn't seem to do anything, and seeing as they have only a minute left, Calvin tells Hobbes that it's been a great ride (except for this last part), and they chat about their impending doom. With 20 seconds remaining, the platform they're on drops into the floor, and they end up in a room with a lot of colors all spinning very fast. Then, their timer runs out, but the walls don't close in- they have completed the maze. Of course, they're also in a room above a chasm filling with lava.


Holographic Retro shows up and sarcastically congratulates the group on completing the maze. Of course, it's not like he's going to let Calvin leave. Calvin asks that Hobbes and the MTM be taken out of the maze, and they are. Calvin and Holographic Retro fight, and Calvin pushes Holographic Retro off a ledge and into the lava- but Retro takes Calvin with him.


  • Bittersweet Ending: Hobbes and the MTM escape, and Retro is thrown into lava- but so is Calvin.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The boy who Socrates couldn't prank from the Tales of a Tiger episode is actually an artificial human created by Retro who's programmed to avoid all danger, and the gameboy he was always holding was his power source.
    • The Realiphone is what created the maze.
  • Foreshadowing: The room full of pirates was a very heavy hint that the Realiphone was behind everything.
  • Hammerspace Hair: Calvin keeps the Transmogrifier Gun in his hair. It's lampshaded by Hobbes.
  • Minimalist Cast: As with the first part, the only characters are Calvin, Hobbes, the MTM, and Holographic Retro.
  • Season Finale: As with Part 1.
  • Timed Mission: And the MTM won't let Calvin forget it.
  • Title Drop: The same song that dropped the title in Our Solemn Hour pt. 1 plays over the end.
  • White Void Room: Well, it's actually a black void room, but the principle is the same.

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