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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 5 E 4 Dark Laughter Part 1

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Calvin's parents drive to a carnival since Calvin's grades have gone up, but the admission prices are absurd ($25 for adults!), and it takes a while for the family to pony up enough cash. Calvin seems most interested in the Halloweenpark, though Hobbes isn't so sure. They ride the Tilt-a-Whirl, to Hobbes' ire.

Meanwhile, Calvin's parents happen across a Fortune Teller, who eerily chides them for not seeing the whole picture on Calvin, leaving them creeped out.


Hobbes ends up scared by the bumper cars, Calvin none too pleased, when Moe shows up, daring Calvin to come to the closed and supposedly haunted fun house at midnight in order to prove his bravery. He accepts, and informs Hobbes that he's bringing him along as well. Shortly after, the family goes home.

The others arrive later, and they start exploring the park. Eventually, they enter the house, finding themselves in a Hall of Mirrors. There's not much to prove any paranormal activity, though Hobbes notices something, and they find a room full of creepy mannequins. Not much happens there either, to the disappointment of Calvin, but the final room can't be scanned by the MTM. He says it's just a typical malfunction, and they try to find their way out once there. The first door has a dead end, the second a fake Monster Clown.


When Calvin finally decides to exit, he suddenly sees another person besides Andy - a three feet high ghost girl. She tries to get Calvin, but he and the others just abscond down the slide... only to find themselves right back where they started.

After some banter about ghosts, the group goes through the house again. When they approach the last room, Calvin knocks on the door, getting the rhythm repeated. He then takes out some drumsticks and plays a basic drum rhythm on the door, forcing it to open. Hobbes finds something touching his fur and whispering something, so he dives for the slide... and then the door locks, trapping the others in the room. Shortly after, though, they manage to go down, ready to do the loop for the third time.

To Be Continued in Part 2




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