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Recap / Bull S 1 E 16 Free Fall

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Season 1, Episode 16

Directed by Jan Eliasberg

Written by John A Norris, Elizabeth Peterson, & Mary Leah Sutton

Free Fall

The Governor of Connecticut takes his senior office staff skydiving, and dies when his parachute fails to deploy. The owner of the skydiving company is also killed, attempting to save the Governor. Bull offers his services to the skydiving company, now run by the owner's daughter, after they are sued by the Governor's widow. Meanwhile, Bull is challenged by the widow's counsel, occasional trial partner Liberty Davis, while Danny investigates possible sabotage.


  • Face–Heel Turn: Liberty Davis is on the opposite side of a trial this time, and considers Bull opposing her as a vendetta against her rising success instead of merely being on the "right" or "wrong" side. It turns out that Bull was at least partially motivated by getting to oppose Liberty, and they make amends after the case ends.

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