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Recap / Bendy And The Ink Machine E 2 The Old Song

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Waking up in the ritual room, Henry decides the only way out of the studio is forward. Making his way through a utility shaft, he finds an audio log from Sammy Lawrence, the director of the studio's music department, who seems to now be worshiping Bendy. Henry later spots an ink-covered figure walk down a hallway, chanting to themselves, but they take no notice when Henry calls to them.

After figuring out a puzzle to open a door, Henry enters the music department. He quickly finds the exit stairs but they're flooded with ink. After turning on the power and fighting a horde of ink creatures called Searchers, he finds another audio log from Sammy which mentions that the flooded stairway is a long-standing issue and an ink pump has been installed to drain it, with the switch in Sammy's office. Unfortunately, another ink leak blocks the door to the office. Henry finds one of the ink valves in the nearby infirmary, but the valve wheel is missing.

Venturing into the sewers, Henry finds a Swollen Searcher wearing a bowler hat which has the wheel. Henry finds a desk in the sewer belonging to songwriter Jack Fain, the Swollen Searcher's past identity, before cornering the creature and crushing it to death with a palette to get the wheel. With one valve down, Henry listens to another audio log from Wally Franks which mentions that he lost the keys to his closet in a dustbin. Henry finds the keys and opens the closet, finding an audio log from Sammy which reveals how to open his sanctuary. Another audio log from projectionist Norman Polk reveals that the projector must be running while Henry uses the instruments in the recording studio, and with this Henry opens the sanctuary and turns off the second valve inside.

After fighting another group of Searchers, Henry gets into Sammy's office and activates the ink pump, but before he can reach the exit he is knocked out by the figure he saw earlier, who turns out to be Sammy Lawrence after being corrupted in ink. Sammy ties Henry up in a ritual room, explaining that he intends to sacrifice him to Ink Bendy so he can be free from his ink body. The ritual ends up failing when Ink Bendy attacks and seemingly kills Sammy instead, and Henry flees the room only to encounter Ink Bendy. Henry runs through a maze of corridors until he reaches a merchandise storage room he barricades himself in, when he finds he's not alone there: Boris the Wolf, alive and well, emerges from the shadows.