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Recap / Bendy And The Ink Machine E 1 Moving Pictures

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After receiving a letter from his old friend, Joey Drew, asking him to come back to the workshop so he can show him something, Henry finds the workshop now in ruins, looking like it’s been abandoned with ink dripping from the ceiling and words written on the walls in said ink. Henry soon finds the mysterious Ink Machine and decides to turn it on to see what it does.

Upon finding the power station Henry learns he needs to find 6 different objects to turn on the machine. But along the way, he begins to find the most unsettling things throughout the studio. He sees cutouts of the cartoon character, Bendy, appearing out of nowhere, the dissected corpse of the cartoon character Boris the Wolf in the middle of one room, and an audio log from a man named Wally Franks voicing his complaints about the Ink Machine and working under Joey, noting that he took people’s personal belongings to “appease the gods”.

After placing all 6 objects onto their respective pedestals, Henry goes to the theater room, only for a cutout of Bendy to appear from the corner leading to the theater room with no one seen moving it. After turning the valve to restore ink pressure (flooding the room with ink in the process), Henry turns on the Ink Machine. He goes to check on the machine, only to see the entrance boarded up. Just when he looks through the opening, he gets startled by the appearance of a monstrous ink creature bearing a resemblance to Bendy, then sees the entire studio being flooded with Ink. Henry attempts to escape from the studio, but just as he makes his way to the door, the floor collapses under him and he finds himself deeper under the studio. After listening to an audio log from Thomas Conner voicing his complaints about the Ink Machine, Henry traverses through the hallways, finding an ax to help him chop down wooden boards in the way, and finds himself in a room with a ritualistic circle before images of the Ink Machine, a wheelchair, and the monstrous Bendy forcefully appear in his mind as he passes out.