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Recap / Bendy And The Ink Machine E 3 Rise And Fall

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Waking up inside Boris the Wolf's safehouse, Henry decides to continue attempting to escape from the studio, only to find that the lever to open the door is being held by Boris, who refuses to give it to him until he feeds him. Henry gives Boris a bowl of bacon soup and is given the lever to open the door. Once the door is open, Boris decides to join Henry in his mission to escape the studio.

Coming across a large door, Boris crawls into a vent duct so he can open it. Henry walks through the door to find himself in what appears to be a toy factory. Inside which, he finds an audio log of Shawn Flynn ranting about the reception he received when he painted some Bendy dolls with a crooked smile. He soon enters a room where he encounters a twisted version of Alice Angel.

Henry reunites with Boris who gives him a pipe to defend himself with. They door come across a door that needs both its levers thrown at the same time. Henry leaves Boris next to one lever and then finds the other lever next to a poster of the Butcher Gang, from which one of the members emerges and attacks him. Henry fights him off and throws his lever to unlock the door, but not before Henry listens to an audio log of Wally Franks and Thomas Connor arguing about how the safety switch works. The duo then enter an elevator and descend to Level 9 where Alice Angel is waiting for them.

In Alice's lair Henry and Boris find several clones of Boris strapped to gurneys and vivisected just like the one Henry found earlier. Henry soon meets Alice Angel who explains to him that she will let him leave if he performs some tasks for her, such as gathering some parts for her machines or taking some extra thick ink from the swollen Searchers. All while doing this, Henry must take great care to avoid attracting the Ink Demon.

Henry is soon forced to descend to Level 14 where he must avoid being killed by the Projectionist, formerly known as Norman Polk, and take some Ink Hearts to Alice. Once Henry has done all of the tasks, he is allowed to go to the elevator and ascent to the exit along with Boris.

Suddenly, the elevator starts falling down to the lower levels as Alice begins ranting to Henry that she knows why he's here and orders him to bring Boris back to her so that she can use his insides to make herself beautiful again. After the elevator crashes, Boris tries to rouse Henry back into consciousness, only for Alice Angel to take him away.