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Recap / Alcatraz Series

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Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

  • Chapter 1: On his 13th birthday, Alcatraz receives a package contain his inheritance (a bag of sand), burns the kitchen of his foster parents Joan and Roy, and then gets told off by his social worker Ms. Fletcher.
  • Chapter 2: Grandpa Smedry arrives, one day late for Alcatraz’s birthday. He discovers Ms. Fletcher has stolen the bag of sand, and that she is a librarian. Grandpa Smedry declares Alcatraz needs to come with him to recover the sand. Alcatraz isn’t up for going. Then someone draws a gun on him.
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  • Chapter 3: The caseworker sent to bring Alcatraz to his next foster home comes to the door. Then he pulls a gun on Alcatraz. Grandpa Smedry drives his car into the wall of the house, disrupting that situation and saving Alcatraz. Seeing as the alternative is staying here with the man with the gun, Alcatraz is now willing to go with his grandpa. Grandpa Smedry explains that these are powerful sands, and that if I Brandts get their hands on them it will be terrible. In a “what the heck“ mindset, Alcatraz agrees to help. They go to a gas station, and then to a secret room in the back of said station. Grandpa Smedry tells Sing that they’re going to infiltrate the library. Grandpa Smedry does a little infodumping.
  • Chapter 4: Alcatraz meet his cousins, Sing and Quentin. Alcatraz goes outside, figures out that the secret room was made of glass. Then the caseworker show them again. He tries to shoot both Grandpa Smedry and Alcatraz. Grandpa arrives late to the bullets, and Alcatraz breaks the gun without even touching it. Then Bastille shows up, and she is pissed off about being left behind.

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