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The universe we know was made by the creator...
And as all things have oppositres, so does the creator...
The Devourer travels space and feasts on life energies...
He feasted once on our world of Lore, but left before he was done...
He came again to finish the job, but we united against him....
And the Devourer left hungry once more.
But true heroes never rest easy...
The deadliest enemies remain just beyond our reach...
"Join the WarpForce!"

Celestra: <Player>, I hereby induct you into the WarpForce!
Player: Huh???
Celestra: You want to stop them, don't you? Make sure the Network's reign of terror in the galaxy comes to an end?
Player: I do— but HOW? They're— out there— in the sea of stars — nearly too far even to dream—
Celestra: Dreams are only reality blinded by hope, <Player>. Follow me and dive into the stars, and into legend!
"Join the WarpForce!"

Lo'Noc: Va'Sara, do you see that? It is a small, strange man made of a shiny substance. He seems to be... sleeping?
Va'Sara: Yes, Lo'Noc. My knowledge as a Shaman tells me nothing about such a creature. It is just out in the middle of our tribe's territory, as though— it fell from the skies!
Lo'Noc: Perhaps if I rubbed oil on it's joints...
Va'Sara: Why would you rub oil on it, Lo'Noc? You make no sense!
Lo'Noc: Okay, forget the oil. I will poke it with my Luntet then...
Va'Sara: Be careful... If it IS from the skies, it may not like being poked.
"Find F10A7"

After Lo'Noc throws F10A7 to the player and F10A7 restarts...
Lo'Noc: THAT was the secret! I should have thrown him instead of poked him! I knew I was missing something...
"Find F10A7"

Player: Greetings! We're from the WarpForce— your allies and friends! We're here to help you. We heard you may be sick. Can you tell us what's wrong?
???: Hissssss!!!
Captain Daian: I think it's salivating at us.
"Space Vampires!"

Kuvak: We'll meet again someday, I promise you that... And when we do, I'll steal the very shirt off your back!
Player: There are a number of awful puns I could say right now involving the word 'shirt', but I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. And you, my friend, are nowhere near my worst enemy.
Kuvak runs off.
Player: He just ran away. Must have been the threat of 'pun'-isment.
"Epsilon Minor"

Player: Bounty Hunter Erith!! Prepare to be destr—
Your ship gets blown up. A "Try Again" button pops up.
"Ballistic Bounty"


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