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Quotes / The LeBrons

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You see the lights, the fame/You see the bling
But you should meet LeBron before he became King
Yeah, this is a story/Kinda like then
My little homie Kid/Growin' up in Akron

Tryin' to be an Athlete/We can all witness
Hopin' he can grow up right/Handle Business
Gotta show love to his friends and his fam
World's on his back/Wise like an old man

'Cause if you think he's just a ball player still
Pay attention/You got a wrong player for real
'Cause life isn't always fun and games
Ladies and gent, boys and girls, LeBron James

It ain't easy/But it's all right
Check it out, y'all/It's the LeBrons
— The animated series' theme song.


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