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Quotes / The Human Condition

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"You'll either be revealed as a murderer wearing the mask of humanism or as one worthy of the beautiful name... 'man'. ."
Kyôritsu Ô, from No Greater Love

"It's not my fault that I'm Japanese... yet it's my worst crime that I am!."
Kaji, from No Greater Love

"I refuse to die."
Kaji, from Road to Eternity

Shinjô Ittôhei: You doubt that all races are equal?
Kaji: I just don't share the same naive certainty. What have the Japanese done? Deserting the ranks of the invader doesn't prove the purity of your ideals. You're still just a deserter.
Shinjô Ittôhei: What are you trying to say?
Kaji: Prettier flowers blossoming on their soil doesn't justify rejecting your own. I could never do it.
— From Road to Eternity

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