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"Little boy, I am the Kamikakushi; the man with the speed of God."
Allegretto, Heir to the Stars II

"You see, I am not a coward. I do not run. I do not hide. I march independence. I piss excellence. I hold the world in my hands, and after today, I’ll be holding the Solar System in my hands. By next week, it will be the Galaxy. By the end of this year, I will rule the Universe."
President Johnathan Blackjack, Guidepost to Tomorrow

"I can’t hear you. Wait, that’s because you ceased to have ever existed a long time ago."
Chris Raion Spades, Heir to the Stars - Chris Raion Spades

"You have no beginning and end, but in a strange contradiction to your vocabulary, you do have a mother and you do have a father. Would you like to meet them?"
Athenaeus Timaeus, Heir to the Stars - Overture