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Quotes / Star Trek: Cold Equations

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I wanted to believe that my scion was simply misunderstood, but eventually even I had to admit there was something wrong with him. He was rich in intellect but poor in empathy. He had great ambition but no compassion with which to temper it. The more he learned, the more arrogant he became. In the end his contempt for all of us was naked and unsettling.
Noonien Soong, on Lore

Listen to me. My father was one of the greatest cyberneticists this galaxy has ever seen. And I have all his knowledge, all his skills. If I wanted to, right now, I could hack into your brain and make it possible for you to feel real pain. And not just any pain. The kind that will make you wish for death. The kind that you made me inflict on Akharin.
Data, to Gatt

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