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In the year 2199, Earth was under severe attack from the mysterious planet Gamilon. Gamilon planet bombs covered the Earth with radioactive pollution. And as a result, in one year's time, Earth will be unlivable. But on the planet Iscandar, there is a machine that can remove the radioactivity. Queen Starsha offers it to the people of Earth. A team of star blazers called the Star Force undertakes the perilous journey. But can the Star Force travel 148,000 light years and back in just one Earth year?
Opening narration for the first season

The less time you have, the more you need to use it wisely.
Captain Avatar

You're not the only one to lose someone you care for. This is a cruel war. Many families are destroyed. Captain Avatar lost his only son in that same battle on Pluto. He's a fine leader. He knows what must be done. And even if he has to pay a price, he does it, and he doesn't blame others. He just goes on. Could you do the same?

Captain Avatar: "That's our home. And to save it, we must leave it for a while. But we'll be back. We'll be back!"
Wildstar: "Captain!"
Captain Avatar: "The time has come for us to say our good-byes to Earth. Good-bye to Earth! You'll see us again! The Star Force will return!"
Wildstar: "We'll return!"
Avatar and Wildstar: "We will return! We will return!"

I'm going to have to report this to Leader Desslok, and I wouldn't blame him if he didn't believe me. The Floating Continent is gone, totally destroyed!... Where did they get such power?
Colonel Ganz

I can't stand a man who laughs at his own jokes.

Desslok: "Didn't I tell you not to bother reporting to me on the fate of the Star Force?"
Krypt: "But Leader... They went through."
Desslok: "They what?"
Krypt: "L-Leader. Star Force lured your gas into the Sea of Fire on Red Star. Then Star Force shot the fire with the wave motion gun. A beautiful strategy by Captain Avatar. Should I send out our interceptors?"
Desslok: "Interceptors? General Krypt!"
Krypt: "Sir."
Desslok: "Send congratulations."

Am I just a lot of scrap metal to you? I also happen to have life. I hear. I see. I feel. All these things were created in me to serve human beings. And I live among you, sharing your hopes and dreams. And yes, your fears. I know when you’re lonely and frightened. I know how you dream of returning to Earth. All these senses, all this feeling, I’ve come to realize is love. Yes, I’m made of metal and I’m strong. I will fight to protect you. And if I’m destroyed and only scrap metal is left, well, it once held a heart.

"The Star Force!" (hysterical laughter) "And we brought them here! And we dragged them here!"

In the year 2200, the Star Force returned... and saved Earth.
Narrator, end of Season 1.

Wildstar, I see now. Something I could never let myself see... yes. I thought I was different from everyone else. That my love for Gamilon was stronger and more noble than your love for Earth. Yes, the universe has been a lonely place for me. Always alone. All I've had has been my love for Gamilon. Yes, I fought hard and long to save Gamilon. I thought anything I did was right. Maybe I would do it again, but I don't think so. There has to be a better way of love. Yes, I've seen the two of you loving each other and Earth, too. Love is the first casualty of war. Oh yes, I know. War does not allow us to be our better selves. To fight well, you must be hard and tough, never doubting your leaders, never questioning. But some day war must end. Now. Yes, we can make a start today.
Desslok, in his final appearance in season 2

Fools! Are you ready to give up? Star Force, can't you see it's useless? You're beaten. There is no power greater than mine. You are nothing. I hold the whole universe in the palm of my hand. I just close my hand, and the planets crumble, the stars shatter. What chance does your planet Earth have? It's a cosmic joke.
Prince Zordar

Nova... Nova, we haven't had much time together. It doesn't mean I don't love you. But soon, when this is done, we'll spend the rest of our lives together. Nova, you are going to marry me?
Derek Wildstar

You have misused your power. I am here to return you to the cosmos.

Goodbye, Trelaina. And thank you - for everything, for saving Venture, for loving Earth so much. It's true we can't understand. But it's not important. Your love has saved Earth.
Derek Wildstar

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